Having trouble getting started

I am having trouble getting started with the classes to become a certified home inspector. I have completed the SOP and Ethics requirements but can’t figure out how to start the general classes to become certified. I have taken the free exam twice and passed both times. Everytime I click on the link to start the classes it takes me to the page to put my info in to become a member. I am getting very frustrated. Any help would be appreciated.


Did you put your info in to become a member?

Yes. It just keeps taking me to the free exam. I was under the impression that I had to take classes and quizzes before I took the exam. Similar to how the SOP and Ethics sections were.

Did you pay your membership fee…?
Passing the initial exam only qualifies you to become a student member which is where the process begins. You have to present your trial inspections reports to Internachi and pass the first 20 hrs (?) education requirements as well.
Try the reporthost program for the reports. First ten (10) are free.

Try signing out and then resign in with Name and pass word.

Where are you located? Does your State have licensing requirements?

Take John McKenna infared class for $400 (it was on sale for $320 last week) and get a free year membership with InterNACHI.

No Missouri doesn’t have any requirements

I paid the fees and it said I am a student member until i meet all the certification requirements.

Email Nick at fastreply@nachi.org, he will get you on the right track pronto.

What part of Missouri are you from?


Sorry about the trouble. All of the courses are linked at http://www.nachi.org/education . When you click on one course, it will open a new page with a green button at the top. Just click that, log in, and you should be set! If you continue to have trouble, let me know the address of the URL you are trying to load.


Thanks Tim.

15 free reports if you’re a student or a NACHI member. Tell us about this in the “comments” section when you register. Free reports never expire so if you’re a new inspector these should last you a while.