Becoming Certified for Radon Inspections in Florida

Becoming certified to measure radon in Florida seems ridiculous. I need past radon measurement experience or work for someone. I am not sure if InterNACHI’s class is approved by our state. I want to offer this service and partner with one of the approve radon vendors so I can test and add it on to my home inspections. Doesn’t the monitor do most of the work? I am going to take the online course here but wanted to know what is past experiences required to become a radon measurement technician here in Florida?

Shawn my understanding is you become certified as a measurement technician, outlined here…

Then work beneath a certified radon business, outlined here…

No experience required

Thank you Paul, I did not fully read it obviously. If you want to be a specialist than you need to provide work history. Thank you for clearing this up!

I thought the same thing, their site is confusing. Another inspector steered me in the right direction. Glad to help.

have been planning on doing the same, Shawn were/ when are you going to try to take the course?

I think they alternate Melbourne to Tampa, May or June and Sept.

Who does? The only thing I could find on the states list of approved course providers was in Ft Lauderdale and either would be hours closer to me.

Mike, I think it is a Radalink (?) class that FL approved. What is is the info for Ft. Lauderdale class? That is much closer for me.

Will post it tommorrow when not on an iPad on a couch lol

I belive there is one in Tallahassee, Jacksonville and Atlanta if not mistaken. I haven’t planned on taking anything yet. Still planning this out. My area is in the green averages under 2.0

I know you can take the test in Tallahassee but I can’t find anything about the course

I am curious why you would want to get certified in Florida for Radon. I am a transplant from NJ and, I believe that the law in NJ was that the seller MUST remediate at the level of 4 pCi/l or cancel the contract. I saw it as high as in the 250s in a living area. The highest readings in the mountainous rocky terrain. A bit different terrain in Florida. From the radon maps that I have been seeing for Florida the highest reading is 4pCi/l. Is there enough need for it? Just a question.

Florida also has a book to study.

Over 23,000 radon tests performed since 1999. One out two condos (including high rises) have elevated radon levels in our area. 1st floor of two story you can almost bet on it. Single family homes are about one out of 20.
FL DOH measurement Tech can place and pickup test. Report must come from FL DOH certified Radon Measurement Business. example: Radalink and Air Chek (
Radalink offers alot of help for home inspectors.
We use Femto Tech monitors with Air Chek producing the reports.
You can also use Air chek charcoals to do schools, 100 apartments at same time.
Don’t rely on radon maps for anything.

Thanks Doug!

Thanks for your response. I am surprised that you do so many radon tests here. when you say “elevated levels” could you put that in pCi/l for me? Any test can be “elevated” above zero.
Additionally, how many tests were actionable by a remediation system? What is the accepted threshold here in Florida?

Anything 4 pCi/l or above recommends remediation.

Thanks! That seems to be a national threshold.

I am just trying to get a grip on this from the inside of Florida. I saw a serious need for Radon testing in Northern NJ, but we didn’t even test below I 195 because it was all sand down there in South NJ and very low readings. I ASSUMED (know what that does) that Florida would be similar, especially the similarity in geography and mapped radon concentrations. I am getting inside info now. In NJ almost everyone was Radon licensed. Less here.

Did you know that there are areas in PA that hit 2500-2600 pCi/L?!!! NOW THAT’S RADON concentrations!
I think that the jury is still out on the long term effects of it. I’ve seen houses that are 60 years old, still occupied by the original healthy owners, with the radon levels of 93 pCi/L+.
Go figure.

Sorry if I hijacked this conversation.

Douglas, I still would be interested in the pCi/L of the “elevated” tests.

For those interested in becoming radon technicians, I am a certified Radon Measurement Business and would be willing to work with you, teach you on a fee paid basis. If you’re interested contact me by email or PM.

I had one 28 awhile back, the last elevated one came back at 6.7 and 8.8 on the other side of the house. I am guessing it has something to do with the concrete. Doug or anyone, do you know why the condos are so much more prone to elevated levels in this area?