Before my time

What is this any one know??? This was an Old K&T house still in use the box was just a junction but was still in use.

The second photo looks like a telephone transformer box?

looks to me like a only KNOB setup using a hole in the wall as a junction box with no OCPD installed…and the second picture looks to me like a case of fused neutrals…in some OLD layout…

Gonna have to know more about that setup in the second picture…whats it feeding and so on…maybe the old timers will know more…I am a young timer…not an old electrical history scholar…:wink:

Paul the second pic was not in use had been abandoned but still had some of the old K&T wiring hanging. This is the second one of these I have seen but still don’t know what they are or were used for.


Any markings on the ( what look like fuses )…could be someones attempt back in the old times to upgrade a system…but then realized ( 1930’s probably) that fusing a neutral was not a good idea…lol

The firt pic is an old abandoned panel board. probably had “Frankenstein” switches inside.
The second pic is of old phone protectors. They are not AC wiring.

Old phone protectors Huh Thanks

Dang Old Timers…lol…I have never seen a " Phone " protector before…:slight_smile:

I think most old homes homes I go in have one or two of these abandoned in the basement. They were abandoned when the phone companies started installing NID’s in the 80’s.

Consequently, home inspectors may be interested to know that the white lining in those old wooden panel boxes is asbestos. Might not want to fuss with it if you can help it. The one’s with grey lining are slate.

lol…they shouhld have completed the job…rip it all out once it was abandoned…:wink:

When you consider that the lion’s share of most of the NID effort was completed by subcontractors, it’s no wonder the old carbon arrestors and so fourth remain. In fairness, it was probably not part of their contract to remove them. They’re often in the way in the basement when I do service upgrades, so I remove them sometimes just to make my job easier. The reddish-orange “sticks” in those things were fuses of a sort. They have a threaded stud on each end, and a nut to hold them in place on tangs on the assembly.

The AHJs in Florida are starting to take a long hard look at “contractors” who do low voltage. We used to always ignore what the low voltage utilities did because they used company employees following rigid corporate standards but these days it is more likely to be a “trunk slammer” working as a sole proprietor than a CWA journeyman. Florida does have “low voltage” as a licensed contractor specialty but I bet NONE of the contractors hired by Comcast, Dish or the various Telcos has any license at all. The other area they want to look at is the landscapers installing irrigation and low voltage lighting systems. There is some resistance to requiring permits and inspection of low voltage but it is certainly addressed in the NEC and the Florida statutes.

" he firt pic is an old abandoned panel board. probably had “Frankenstein” switches inside."

I could not agree more. Prior to the 2002 NEC people were under the impression Chapter 8 of the NEC do not apply to inspections when in fact it does apply when chapters 1-4 are referenced within Chapter 8…more municiple inspectors need to inspect many aspects of a low voltage installation but alas they just dont understand.