Today's Inspection had a little of everything....

…a little copper, a little aluminum, and a little Knob and Tube!!! Oh and a 60 amp fuse panel just to top it all off!!! :cool:

nice stuff!

Mario., is that main fuse is on the left side or it more further left with the safety cover on it ??

the other thing i am not too crazy is the T&K hook up to that box.

Merci, Marc


Funny you should mention this, the main over-current device is rated 100amps and is on the far left. It is a circuit breaker and yet the remainder of the circuits are fused. I didn’t pay to much attention to it because my client is renovating the entire house including new panel and wiring.

Great pics Mario

Thanks Gary!!

Thanks Jeffrey!!

Nice pics Mario.

From the looks of the panel/wiring I am guessing there were a lot of older 2-prong receptacles without a grounded faceplate screw (makes using the 3-to-2 “cheater plugs” hazardous even if ya attach the ground tab) or standard 3-prong receptacles with an open ground.

Older K&T wiring or 2-wire sheathed cable without an equipment ground can be very hazardous, particularly for non-GFCI receptacles in wet/damp areas or for large metal appliances without an equipment case ground. In that event it would be a good thing they are renovating with a new panel and wiring.

JMO & 2-nickels … :wink: