Being undercut by $100’s!

I won’t touch four-point & wind mitigation inspections at that pricing of $75 or even come close to it. A four-point alone is at least 50% or so of a full home inspection - Think about it - roof inspection/photos, plumbing inspection/photos, electrical inspection/photos, dwelling/photos, HVAC/Heating/Photos. That pricing plays directly into the many conversations about these low ballers competing on price. Honestly, I don’t get how people can stay in business at those prices - It doesn’t even cover your travel, vehicle wear and tear, equipment utilization, software costs. At those prices, I would presume these are the retirees looking for something to do which many have mentioned in previous threads.
With a full home inspection, we offer 4-point at $125 and wind mitigation at $89 if purchased as a package. If purchased without a home inspection, we try to get a $250 minimum though we have made our share of exceptions for agents and insurance brokers who provide us a lot of business. If it’s a client calling out of the blue we have never done business with who is price shopping, we do our best to sell our value, but if they just won’t have it we move on and let them go to the low ballers.
If used correctly, four-point and wind mitigation can be pretty profitable when sold with a home inspection. Think about it this way, you are already there inspecting all these systems. All you need to do is take a few extra pictures including equipment labels, a few measurements and pics in the attic, fill out the forms and you just added $200+ to your inspection.


There is no way she received a quote for $250.00 for a 2 story, 3,454 sq. ft. home. She is trying to lowball you.

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Bad business practices is not good!

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