Bentonite injection 'leak free walls', yeah okay lol what oher lies ya got


Yep somebody got ripped off. That bentonite “oatmeal” will stay like that forever too. . . . . And if it expands, it will be right out the top of the hole. Thanks for sharing Mark!

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Bentonite is great stuff for sealing things like well pipe casings, abandoned well pipes, holes in pond banks, etc. it does a great job of providing a durable and plastic plug. It is also used for plugging up cows with the squirts! I have never heard of injecting it in this way however. Plugging a hole along the foundation from the surface would work, but do they really expect a series of point injections to flow? My hands on experience with this stuff is that when it gets wet it turns to impermeable baby poo and stays put. That is why the use it for things like sealing construction joints in concrete walls and such. I don’t get how a system like this could get enough traction to be the basis for a viable company. Have they really had any success? Has anyone made a claim on their fat warranty?

bentonite should never be used for leaky basements, more dumb weak shtt - find the actual problem aka, existing defect allowing water in, and the FIX it!