Basement waterproofing, as Marko says here, interior systems co's are crooks, liars etc

i been trying to inform peeps of this for a loooong time and been often criticized by morons, let’s see if the same morons criticize this video by Marko, a former home inspector

another thing lol, it’s apparently okay for others to ‘ramble on’ in videos but not okay for me to do that = more moronic dumb American crap

Marko’s video

2:20 — 3 days to back OUT of scam contract

5:40 - epoxy injections… he says, “Don’t even let these bastards in your house”

He’s right, as some of us have stated for many years.

And he’s correct that, what he shows in video, all that needs to be done per foundation wall is… waterproof the crack. Where i disagree BIG time is, one should not use epoxy and certainly not on the exterior of wall.

Some talk/act like epoxy injections are the best fix, NO they are not sheesh , i have witnessed approx 50% of ALL epoxy injections done on the inside, re–leak and almost all who sold that 50% fix to homeowners do NOT come back. Look, if a homeowner has a crack like this right where a front porch is, then sure, go ahead n try an injection on the inside but i warn ya again, some will last awhile and some will not.

In this video, one of our videos… same thing, a poured wall crack (plus OTHER exterior openings where water was getting in)

See the reinforcing rod in brick/mortar joint? lollll Water was getting in basement through this AND the other EXT openings… so doing an expoxy injection from inside a basement will NOT seal these hence, basement will still leak even after the injection to wall crack, duuuh!

The previous owner of this house had an injection done from inside basement and they slapped ‘bright wall’ paneling up against this section of the wall… duuuh, it kept leaking man!

IMO some home inspections should be much more careful when they only recommend epoxy injections for leaky cracks like this, why? lol Because they are not experts on this subject, that’s why eh… Why recommend a cheap,50% fix? I see other posts throughout this site where many HI’s recommend the bext fix for other problems, hence, they don’t recommend a 1/2 azz repair for those other problems


follow up video per what i just said in post above, that some home inspectors tell homeowners things like this nice woman says in her home inspection video, basement waterproofing and a block foundation

am quite sure she does a good job for her clients, as most HI’s do… i’m only pointing out the non-expertise words in video, sheesh

She shows a basement that had a partial intertior drainage system installed…

1:48… she pulls back a lil of that white BS mesh/call it whatever kind of JUNK you want…
and i see a horizontal crack… so the INT system and sump pump did NOT seal/waterproof this crack and, OTHER exterior cracks that i KNOW exist on the outside of this wall., the INT system did not STOP the water from entering and, did not remove, reduce,relieve ANY of the exterior causes of the cracks and subsequent leaks and efflorescence that was painted over

2:30 — Here’s my problem, she recommends, says… she prefers the white junk mesh to be installed UP higher on the wall

She, and many other videos i’ve posted, does not say anything about the existing exterior cracks in the damn wall nor anything about removing,reducing the weight aka pressure OFF of this wall that already has existing exterior cracks!

She can come on here and correct me if i’m wrong but from where i sit, seems she is saying that this INT system is pretty much fine and would be better HAD they brought UP the white junk higher on inside of wall, imo total nonsense.

What the HLLL is soooo bad in recommending exterior waterproofing for leaky basements like this??!!

In the end, this basement like so many others was NOT ‘waterproofed’ by installing a partial or full moronic interior drainage system and how much money was spent on the INT system?

Waaaay too many LIES told to homeowners and too much incompetence by some who apparently think THEY are experts on this subject, pfftt - wait to see if some of the same morons here will try n SPIN this

Block basement wall, exterior crack in the stOOpid wall, basement leaks RIGHT HERE! lol Water comes onto floor where the bottom of the basement wall meets the floor, RIGHT HERE! And see the efflorescence on bricks

so aggggain, if you install an interior drainage system and sump pump here then lol, it will NOT stop further water from entering the actual-problem, the exterior crack! ANDDDDDD, you will pay more money $$$ for that dumb az interior water diverting system

And say agggain, am sure this woman is good at what she does , not saying she isn’t!!!

If you’re a dumb chttt and can’t figure out what i’m saying here, that’s your foolish problem - basement waterproofing/leaky basements are not always an easy thing to decipher, took me many years to SEE… ALL the various possible ACTUAL problems which then led my balding azz to the correct and HONEST solutions. You need to be ON these jobs to see the different problems, need to be on them for years and then… you’ll begin to ‘get it’, until then, please stop recommending crap to unknowing homeowners


Keep up the good work, Mark. :smile:


Good videos Mark!


In the first video, she points out water seepage higher up the wall. Regardless where the corrugated plastic is up the wall, that is a FAIL!

Putting the corrugated plastic up the wall will make you feel better because you can’t see the seepage, lol.

I give her credit though, she said it was not really water proofing but rather water management. True statement. Poor management IMO.

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