Hello to all. I have tried to search the MB to find info on this company. If anyone has anything on them I would be happy to hear. Thanks to all

I never heard of them.

I have viewed their website pretty vague, hoping someone has worked for them. Thanks

Stay away from this company, they are not paying the independant contractors. I have done work for them and they still owe me thousands of dollars…

Thanks for your input Jamie

What type of work??

Asset collection would be my guess Linas, yours. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think he’s talking about property preservation work but I’m not sure. I did over $10k in preservation work in the last month(2 jobs) and never had any problem with pay in over 3 years. But it’s not Best-Asset that I deal with.:wink:

Hello Linus, Its been awhile since the original post, if I remember they were looking for inspectors to do what appeared to be sort of a 4 point inspection. I will try to find the info and let you know for sure. There web site is not very helpful with info.