Working for Strategic Asset Services

Does anyone out there work for Strategic Asset Services? Are the inspections very difficult? Does it take a long time to understand how to perform their inspections? I know they inspect for a lot of different lenders and each have their own requirements. Would you recommend working for this company?
Thanks for any info.

I do a little sucontracting for them, and they are great to work with. I opted not to work for them as I didn’t want to have a business and a job, but I do enjoy the subbed jobs they send me every once in a while.

Pamela Fox and Darlene Campbell are the two inspectors I have worked with. The inspections are not even close to the thoroughness of a home inspection and is mostly picture taking and looking for deferred maintenance in the field as a subcontractor. If you work for them, you will be expected to do a lot more.

I felt they were a fine group.
I just could not handle the ever-changing rules and processes for all the different lenders. There’s no one set of rules.
Plus, I was getting bogged down with emails, revising procedures for X company, then another for Y company, it just was not worth the mind-play for me.
I guess I just like things cut-&-dried!

I never had a problem with changing policies Russ. I only do the onsite inspection (site walk and picture taking) and nothing more and I found that it pays better than actually working for them. They did change their structure. A few years ago they were subbing everything out, now they want to hire you in as a part time employee. I just didn’t want to hand over the reigns again, so I told them just call me when you have something in my area that needs done on a contract basis and they have. By the way they seem to pay very fast. Usually within 2 weeks from date of invoice.