Best compliment that was meant as an insult...

We are inspecting a home yesterday…I’ve worked with the buyer agent several times, never met the list agent before.

During the inspection she keeps telling me this is good, that’s fine, this house has never had etc…I just go about my business ok, I got it, ot ignoring, but still inspecting and doing my job.

She says to the buyer agent, I don’t use these guys, I use (low end company here). I tried to make a joke out of it, because she said it in front of me, the umber you want is 40157848, it Patriot Property Inspections, everyone but her laughed…

She says, inspectors don’t go into the attic, I replied we do.

In the kitchen, she says, you know you don’t have to check the appliances, they aren’t part of the house. I know, but its nice to know if you can use the fridge that’s here or cook meals when you move in or need new ones, so we check them too.

Then she goes and tells my guy he doesn’t need to open all the windows… he says yes I do, or the other guy will fire me.

She then tells the buyers agent, in an attempt a a derogatory comment, these guys are too thorough…My guy is walking right by and says, thanks we take pride in our work…


LOL Impressive List agent very caring

Deal killer!

The best compliment/insult from an agent that I have received was “you would much rather see Jeff pull up to a house that you are representing the buyer than the seller”. I think this kind of confused the buyer since she was also representing the sale of their old house.

Outstanding, Mike!

Very nice (as M. Timpani would say :p). :smiley:

Right Larry! Very nice.

I hope you’re doing great, my friend! :slight_smile:

I recently actually got a thank you card from the listing agent on an inspection I did!

That was a surprise. The house in question was very well maintained and updated properly, so even though I did go through it thoroughly, there just weren’t many issues.