Best Defect Award Group 5b

Tell me again why I love inspecting…

Anyone seen my nut driver?

Just tighten her up one a year and she’ll be fine…

I stake my work on a stack of quarters!

You mean there’s a code for this?

Nothing a stack of Readers Digest can’t fix…

Charming bathroom amenities are sure to please…

Time to clean the humidifier…

A good place for a ground fault.

If the price is right…

Thanks Bill, and man are those good ones. :slight_smile:

It’s getting harder to choose from so many good ones! :slight_smile:

Good variety of Contributors too!

Keep it up guys, nice job. :slight_smile:

I knew there was an other use of my quarters other than toll fare.:mrgreen:

That last one looks like one of Dale Duffy’s Love Shacks. :wink:

Hey, 5 voters, come on guys. You submit them, now vote on them.
These pictures are a learning tool for all or some anyways. ;):slight_smile:

Could you post links for all the awards groups?

Only if you tell me how to do it Rick. :mrgreen::slight_smile:


Just copy the thread links (in the adress bar) into a post.

This one would be…

Award group 5b

Or if you wanted to get fancy you could do
Award group 5b


As Rick requested, here are the links to all the Groups thus far;

Best Defect Award Group 1

Best defects Group 2

Best Defect Award Group 3

Best Decfect Award Group 4

Best Defect Award Group 5

Best Defect Award Group 5b

Thanks Marcel - you da man!

You guys losing interest in these or what?
13 votes???

We can do better than that!

Sorry dude, I’m a Republican. I can only vote once…

Come on guys, let’s vote and keep sending in pictures if you want this thing to keep going.
These defects are a good educational value for some members. :slight_smile:


I just voted, how long do they have to vote? BUMP.

This poll will close on 2/2/10 at 8:40 PM

as always …great pictures…