Best Defect Award Group 1


What do you think of the electric?

**2. **

I fixed the tub honey!

**3. **

Burning structure

**4. **

Busy as a beaver in the attic

**5. **

Foundation looks good from my house

**6. **

Duct tape gutter

**7. **

Fishbowl lamp

**8. **

Chimney ain’t leanin’ no more!

**9. **

So how’s the plumbing look?

**10. **

We’re supposed to change the filter?

Nice defect photos from all of you guys, keep them coming. This is fun.

We got three more batches to go through. :slight_smile:

A learning experience indeed.

Nice group of photos guys. Keep up the good work.

Yes it is hard to vote on just one

As Simon Cowell would say, “these are some of the worst defects I have ever seen”. :shock: Or something like that.

Here is a cool site to go with this tread.:shock:

I can’t believe the tub is getting votes! I mean seriously… what’s wrong with it? :slight_smile:


Rub a dub dub in the tub. Any more votes here?

We got some classic defects here and they are all good.

Pick the one you think is best in your opinion.

Album #4 is started and we have a bunch more for you later for your enjoyment. :slight_smile:

Looks like the voting is done here. Lets see the next batch, enquiring minds want to know.

Looks like it is all in the tub Mike, but the poll is running till the 28th.

Bill Warner will get the second batch poll then.

Good defects. :slight_smile:

Do we get more votes that are not in the tub?:mrgreen::wink:

Come on guys let’s vote, we got better ones coming later.


Any more votes?

Batch #2 coming soon, so in the meantime, place your votes for this one. :slight_smile:

47 votes out of thousands of members. Not a great turn out. You would think that home inspectors would have more interest in a topic like this. Personally, I want to thank Marcel and the rest of the committee for doing a great job with this. keep up the good work guys!

Thanks Michael and I wish also there would be more.
This could turn out to be the biggest album of Home Defects recorded in History.
Been good so far, but need more votes and participation from all Members, not the same few.
Maybe it will pick up again shortly. :):smiley:

Thanks Michael.
We are trying our best to get members more involved and interested.

If anyone would like to volunteer for the Awards committee, we could use your help. Send me a pm if interested! :slight_smile:

That is right Will, we could use help.
Don’t forget all that anytime you Members would have and opinion or request from the Awards Committee, we are all open for suggestions and willing to entertain any ideas you may have.

Any that should be interested in joining us, please go to the Control Panel under Group Membership and make the request.
The Committee will review and get back to you.

Thanks and please vote when you have a chance, Bill will be submitting the second batch when this current poll is up.

Thank you to all the ones that have contributed so far. :):smiley:

Well, looks like the tub is winning by to soaps:mrgreen:

Don’t forget to vote here also;