Best Home Inspection Photo of 2012

I guess you can shop or advertise a house from the sky now.

Memphis, TN

0126 00017.JPG

You don’t think pilots buy houses??

Exactly… besides… I see shingles missing. Harry prolly just grabbed the sign off the neighbors house to “patch” it up! :roll::mrgreen:

Home Inspector; “this roof has visible damage and deterioration; in my opinion this roof is at the end of its service life and should be replaced”

Realtor: “its not leaking is it?!!!”

That Realtor even put his “Seal of Approval” on it! :mrgreen:

prolly just really tall people there…

Satelite is watching!!! Come on. We like Google maps.

Classic DIY

I think I have the best of 2012!!


So far I agree.

Martin, at least they added a cricket! The water should divert away from the tree!!

Hey it is a TN thing, do not be going around giving this secret to anyone , sales are up . It just may be working lololol


Keep that picture handy.

Just sayin’. :wink:

The same guy installs doggie doors.

I had a picture of a bucket and two exhaust supplies running to it from bathrooms placed in the attic on one inspection but I can’t find it. That would have been the winner.
I am still going to search for it when I have the time.
Found it

:smiley: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

5308 West Puget 4-6-11 010.JPG

Hail damage? :mrgreen:

This one was next door to a house I inspected Jeffrey, and yes Hail sorta just finished it off.