hail damage ?

Do you see any hail damage in the following pictures ? Roofer says there is hail damage and the roof needs replacing. I seen none, not even on the metal vents. What say ye ?

roof yellow twig (7).jpg

roof yellow twig (7).jpg

roof yellow twig (8).jpg

roof yellow twig (1).jpg

roof yellow twig (6).jpg

roof yellow twig (3).jpg

And some more.

roof yellow twig (9).jpg

roof yellow twig (12).jpg

roof yellow twig (10).jpg

roof yellow twig (11).jpg

Hail no ther ain’t no hail damage…:mrgreen:

No dent on the vent… you must acquit…:roll:

ok seriously… hard to see any damage in photos, but if there aren’t any dents on the roof vents, I would also believe the need for replacement suspect.

I do not see ANY damage of any kind, let alone hail damage. After the rash of hurricanes we had over the last few years, we had numerous occasions where roofers were claiming roofs needed complete tear offs and replacement shingles when all that was needed were minimal replacements and resealing in a couple of places. Same thing happened with the FEMA “Blue Roofs”. Those crews were going thru neighborhoods and tarping roofs, where no one was home (they had evacuated out of town) that had no damage whatsoever. They got paid very handsomely for each roof they tarped. I did talk to some honest roofers who had to come in after the fact and replace shingles that had no damage other than the nail strips the “Blue Tarp” contractor put on. It was scam artist Nirvana after the hurricanes.

I am in the middle of a dispute here, over hail damage. All I need is some honest opinions before I have to call my insurance coverage . I am afraid the roofer knows that insurance will being paying for it when it is said there is hail damage. But, the house has changed hands , the only insurance would be mine. Thanks for the responses.

i see no hail damage from the pics provided.

especially no damage that would warrant a recommendation for replacement.

my opinion is that 1 or more of the following 3 apply:

  1. roofer is not qualified
  2. roofer and owner are inka hoots about getting a different roof, without paying for it
  3. roofer wants paid…bad

I don’t see any damaged shingles in your pictures; no bruisng, chips, or anything. The edges look nice and straight, just like when they came out of the wrapper. The attic vents look ok, too. How were the lower edges of the plumbing vent boots? Those are pretty soft, so even pea sized hail can show up. Gutters ok? How about the downspouts? Metal window screens? My point here is that some times shingle damage (like bruising) won’t show up right away, but dents in the soft metal targets do. Good luck.

Seriously, I see no damage in these pics.

Is this in question due to a recent hail storm?

I would find the roofers recommendations suspect and seems he’s looking for some easy insurance money.

I would have the roofer back out to point out the areas specifically that indicate hail damage.

Suggest getting a second and possibly third licensed roofer opinion. Or perhaps that the insurance company send someone out to look at it (questionable)?

Same thing happens around here every 5 years or so we have a nice big hail storm and everyone gets a new roof. Neighbor called his insurance company after the last one 3 years ago. THE INSURANCE INSPECTOR said it needed a new roof. He was cut a $3000 dollar check. Two different roofers said he did not need a new roof. PRobably 60% of the roofs in the neighborhood were replaced that year. The oldest was 3 years old.

And we wonder why our insurance rates are so high.

Get a second opinion.

I don’t see any damage at all.

If you do not see any damage stick to what you feel is correct. We had a hailstorm come through here in April. I would say after this summer roofers are the most dishonest people I have ever dealt with! The insurance companies out here are replacing roofs with 5 to 6 hits per square. I would mark out a square on the north, south, east and west side of the home, and use chalk to circle any hits within the square. I would take pictures of this, if you have less than 4 good, more than 4 you might be buying a roof. The roof looks like it has 30-year shingles and pretty new. I do not see any hits on the vents that would indicate hail damage. I would take the pictures as soon as possible. If you get a bunch of people up there or a dishonest roofer the roof will start wearing from everyone walking on it. Good luck

I don’t see any damage at all. It seems to me that roofers use the hail damage scenario in the way that car salesmen used to tout the need for undercoating on your new car.

It is very possible that there are small pits in the shingles, and most insurance companies will require about 10 of them per square. On siding, roofs and vents, contractors will spray the surfaces with a hose so that the damage stands out more readily. The pictures you posted aren’t close enough to see the small hail pits.

We had many hail storms when I was in VA, and I disclaimed hail damage because although present, did not require the immediate replacement of the roof.

From the photos, I can not see any hail damage on the vents or shingles. Just a suggestion. Take a look at the roofs of the house next door to the house. Ask the home owners if they had their roof replace due to hail damage. And last, contact the local weather station, and airport, to check when the last time they had hail in this area. This will give you some teeth to bit back with. The roofer and the home owner will have to prove that there was a hail storm that damaged the roof. A little detective work goes along ways and will pay off for you in the long run if these people decide to sue. Good luck

There is no way I am going to try to evaluate a roof from photos posted on the Internet or any photos except the ones I have taken.

I would think if any impact damage occurred it would most likely be isolated to one side, due to the slope of this roof, maybe the side opposite the vent, .

The 4 givens:

  • Roofers sell and install roofs.

  • Insurers sell insurance and deny claims.

  • Homeowners collect checks and don’t have repairs completed.

  • Everyone’s trying to make a buck.

If a previous claim was paid out for hail damage on this roof and repairs or replacement did not take place the previous owners should have disclosed. May be a legal issue now.

This will be easy to trace through insurance records and the current insurer will have the final say in paying any claim at this time.

The neighbors may also have a record of hail events and claims they have filed to collaborate or discredit the roofer’s opinion.

We’ve got roofs and siding going in like crazy in my neighborhood because almost a year ago we had a 5 minute hail storm.

There was no damage to anything that I saw, but suddenly when the time to report it to the insurance company was about to elapse, the roofers/siding guys came out of the woodwork. Walking through the neighborhood knocking on every door and talking about “hail damage”.

Sure was funny how quickly they stopped knocking when my wife told them i was an inspector and i’d climb up with them and they could show me where.

It’s just another business generator for the roofers/siders.


I’m with you all the way.

I agree if there are no dents in the roof vents or other metal, it is almost certain hail did not hit THAT portion of the roof. But hail can hit one region or slope of the roof and barely touch or damage another.

You also need to get a higher resolution, close-up pic of the reported damage to separate it from mechanical damage or blisters or types of shingle “damage” or defects. Keep in mind shingles ARE designed for wear and tear including hail strikes, and some missing granules does not constitute “damage”, or more technically a loss of the expected or warranted life of the shingle.

I am sure there are some good, honest roofers out there. But in the 20+ times I have been asked as an engineer to investigate roofs, no matter the cause of damage or lack thereof, they always say it must be replaced. Always consider the opinion of anyone with a grain of salt who may have something to gain from the outcome of their opinion.

Damn it Ben! Your always in a scrap! :wink:

I see damage! Its on the house in the background in #5!!!
Are you blind of sumthin?!

Sounds like insurance fraud!

Take some pictures in the gutter for gravel too.
After the rain yesterday, it should have washed down if it’s there.