Best Inspection Vehicle

My success in the inspection business has necessitated my need for a dedicated inspection vehicle. I’ve been doing them out of the “family car” thus far. It has worked very well. A 2005 Trailblazer.

It seems an SUV would serve best. I don’t have so much equipment that I need a pick up truck. Climbing on the Trailblazer to unstrap the ladder is inconvenient. I’m thinking of something lower, like an HHR, Scion BX, or even a Honda Element, or that new Kia.

Gas mileage used to be important, but I’m doing most inspections within 15-20 miles or so now.

Four wheel drive is nice when needed, but have only had to use it maybe 6 or 7 times over the last 5 years. Loose gravel on a steep driveway, snow, etc. Front wheel drive would probably work just as well.

The Trailblazer is paid for, which is a plus, and still runs good.

Who thinks they are using the best inspection vehicle and why?

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If it truly is going to be a “dedicated company vehicle”, make it a “business decision”, not an “emotional” one. Do your research. Theres some hefty tax incentives for certain types of vehicle for small businesses every year. Some may not be your preferred choice, but very difficult to pass up the incentives. I will be looking at these next year.


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Thanks Jeff, good stuff!

I’m thinking of the Cadillac CTS now…not sure how the ladder rack will look on it!

I like the Ram c/v. Lots of room for signage. And 3500 lb towing capacity.

That’s a nice truck, Frank, but my tool bag and ladders only weighs about 200 pounds or so.

I’m thinking more like getting a moped! :mrgreen:

Chevy Silverado fully loaded including in dash navigation and entertainment system, heated seats (for cold weather) crew cab etc.
Folding ladders do not require a ladder rack.
0% down.
GM Business Fleet program-Free running boards and bed cover.
My business makes the payments.:wink:



I love your truck Linus but in my neck of the wood gas would eat up my bottom line.

I wouldn’t ruin a nice truck like that for working, Linus!

I’d need a portable shower because I wouldn’t wanna get in it after crawl space inspections or attic inspections in August!

I have a 2004 Ford Ranger that works fine for me. Not sure what I will get next though, I already had this vehicle.

Had a 2008 Prius hatchback.
Now a 2011.
MY folding ladder just makes it with the back seat down.
Mileage is great, I fill the tank approx twice monthly. :smiley:

The new Colorados look nice! Dave, I like the smaller trucks. I currently use my Chevy Equinox and it’s fine.

Is it Blue? :shock:

I have a 2014 Kia Soul. Hands down the best looking and most efficient inspection vehicle in my opinion. You guys would be shocked at how much room are in them. PS… I do have a 4 runner for big ladder days.

2003 Toyota Highlander

  1. Gas mileage is between 22 and 25 mpg
  2. Dependable (over 190k and still runs like new)
  3. Little Giant 22’ ladder fits

No honey sweetie, it white! ha ha Never liked blue :wink:

My 1st one was silver. A woman cut me off & I T-Boned her @ 45 MPH. WHAM
Both cars were totaled.
I opened my eyes after the collision & said: HOLY S H I T!! I’m conscious!
I had to force kick open the door & walked away from a totaled out car. It wasn’t my time.
Safety features performed well. The car saved my life.

I did call my client & said I wouldn’t be coming to the inspection.

Thanks Marc, but I have too many brothers who would beat me up for driving a "girly car’!!

I AM in WV ya know, where would I strap a 12 point buck on a Prius? :smiley:

Works great for me:D

121K Miles and still going, Knock on wood, She works great for me.

Those are sweet, I am seriously looking into getting one of those.

The only difference is I would get a white one.

Here’s my other girly car :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi everyone, I’m still studying to become a home inspector but I’m ready to start looking for the right vehicle.

  1. From what I read, the vehicle is often a place where the inspector, client and sometime agent discuss the report after the inspection especially if the weather is bad. Do you use your vehicle that way?

  2. I will require many different tools including an infrared camera that I don’t want to remove from the vehicle everyday but I want to keep it safe. Do you keep all tools and equipment in and on the vehicle at all time?

  3. I like a vehicle big enough to add a load of graphics on it to promote the business. Do you gain a lot of business from the promotion on your vehicle?

  4. Do most of you own or lease your vehicle? A lease would be a tax deduction.

So far I’m thinking a minivan like a Toyota Sienna would have enough room to accommodate meetings with clients and agents, large enough for car graphics, and with tinted window I could keep my tools safe inside. I do have access to an underground parking.

What do you guys / gals think? Thank you for your time and appreciate your input.


David Asselin