Best Inspection Vehicle

5 years in business. I have never had a client in my vehicle. I don’t think I have ever had a realtor in it either.

Thanks David, really appreciate your comment. If that’s the case, I could use something smaller like a Toyota Tacoma with a canopy for advertising. That way I could also use that vehicle for construction jobs.

Anybody using a minivan for their inspections?



I use a Ram C/V. It’s basically a Dodge Caravan with no seats and no side windows. The sidewalls are finished, not bare like most vans. The interior is not spartan. It’s nicely finished. The suspension is a little beefier than the minivan. The 6 banger is peppy. And it gets about 19mpg around town. I’ve heard reports of 26-28 mpg on the hwy.

Thanks Frank and Jeffrey. It’s good information, thanks.


I now use a dodge ram pickup and years ago i used a ford pickup. I want to make a change because the gas mileage is killing me. Was thinking of a ford transit connect. Anyone using one and if so how do you like it?

Hi Manny, I’m also considering a Ford Transit. From what I read they are really good on gas and lots of room for car graphics.

You are using a “Grocery-getter”?

As for the 26 to 28 mpg, sounds like stories of big foot.:roll:

My mother-in-law has one and it’s always in the shop.

" grocery getter" has windows and seats. :blush:


What size ladder will fit in it? Can a ladder rack go on it and the back still be opened?
I’ve been thinking of going this route.

Just got the transmission overhauled on my wife’s old mini van. Deciding whether to paint and decal or wrap now.

It has a lot of room in the back and works well for the team approach.


My Chevy 1500 has been working great since 2003 when I got into this business. Just had the fuel pump changed out. 145,000 miles and she still gets 16.5 mpg. A tank full gets me 2 1/2 weeks worth of inspections on average.

Nice truck Linus but I like mine better :wink:

2014 Z71 4X4 crew cab. Bunch little nice goodies. 285/65/18 Nitto Trail Grapplers, Fuel Rims, 2 inch lift. Spray Bed liner. I average 16.5 mpg. Was averaging 18.5 with stock tires.

I’m thinking about trading in for 2015 Z71 4X4 crew cab with rocky ridge edition package. :mrgreen:

Here’s mine. I’m always 45 minutes early to my inspections for some reason!

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Here is the Home Inspection Team with our October uniforms in front of our Ford Transit. It works really well.


I’ll have to look. I think the hatch goes up to far. I carry a 17ft in the car. My truck carry’s the 28ft. I’ll let you know.

I got a Nissan NV Cargo Van last year.

It is a different looking cargo van which I liked. But the price was hard to beat and had a ton of “luxury” elements in there that was included. What is really nice is a built in office in the cab with a pull out table, a filling cabinet, plugs, and extra table if you pull down the passenger seat. Can comfortably write receipts and use a computer and have more than enough office equipment there well beyond the essentials. Is a gas hog at12-14mpg, I charge the gas expense to clients.

Buying around november/December can really save you $1000s+. I ended up getting my van for 27k with shelves, and the rear camera/navigation tech package. (Rear sensors and camera ROCK)

The NV200 probably suffice for most inspectors. Lower price point, better mileage. I looked at these when I bought the Ram C/V. But I really wanted something with towing capacity for a small utility trailer. Plus the Ram was only $18k.