Best phone/camera for the mobile app

Love the mobile app and have completed many inspections and saved thousand of hours with it. However, I need suggestions for phones people are using out there that function well with the app. I would like to upgrade mine. I purchase a phone and do not attach it to a carrier and only use it for inspections. Im looking for water proof or resistant and something with an excellent camera. Im currently using an LG V20. Its OK but wont stand the rain well. Ive tried small pads and tables but they are just too big for my taste.
Thanks in advance.

Waterproof narrows it down a bit. Have you looked at the Cat S60?

Yesh…Dom I actually did a hands on today with that CAT phone and it sucks.
Forget the cash and just get a good camera .I am very much into cell tech and performance and can say that you should pick one that not only has a good camera but can process the HIP app with no glitches .If we are talking Android my recommendation is to get a product with at least 6 GB ram.The only one in stores that qualifies is Samsung.Google phone if not mistaken is 4 GB ram plus has a horrible screen .Going past the USA carrier stores ONE PLUS 5T at almost half the price has 8 GB of ram and can produce quality pictures.Also there is a new phone that looks interesting …Huawei Mate 10 Pro…which early reviews say produce pictures as good or better than Apples best or Googles best plus costs less.

We use Samsung note 4. Not water proof but you can change the battery if needed and the stylus is fantastic for adding arrows, circles etc.

Bob, can you give me more details on what you didn’t like on the Cat S60? It’s used by the military and firefighters. I’ve only heard from a couple of inspectors using it though and they didn’t have any issues. I love my Google Pixel XL but it’s not waterproof and drop proof or I’d recommend it.

I use the Samsung S7 active. It is as water resistant as it gets and the picture quality is pretty good compared to the Samsung tablets.

The waterproof is a Florida issue, Ever tried inspecting in the rain and having to keep a camera dry? Its tricky. Ive done it for years but with the new tech out there I figured there must be a better way. As far as using a camera is concerned I did that for years. The HIP on mobile is hands down more accurate and way way faster. Fewer steps means
less wasted time. The camera is important as its always the weak link in a phone app.


You can also get an otterbox waterproof case for any phone.

Golf umbrella every time. One for me, one for my customers so they dont try to share mine. Protects me and my cameras.

All good suggestions. The S7 pictures are formatted differently and for some reason I cant import them to my PDF wind mit or 4 point forms. Have used otter box and the umbrella is a must have. Keep two in my truck at all times. Guess there is no universal
tech that rises above the rest. Am thinking of the Pixal 2 camera but tried the 1 and it was not voice command capable. Does anyone know if the 2 is?

Todd have you tried just using the HIP Wind Mitigation form? It’ll work great with your S7.

Wait about a month…water Proof with 4000 amh battery and best or equal camera to Pixel XL…Huawei Mate 10 Pro.

The Flir I played around with was horribly sluggish and can imagine many crashes.Picture quality not there nor thermal image .Just get a real IR.Just cheap except for pseudo design that looks tough IMO.

Canon Camera with umbrella