Best roof coating for shingles and roll cap

What would you recommend to your customers with a gable roof and an attached flat roof. Both surfaces are shot in my opinion. They have lost a lot of granules and you can see the fiberglass in a few areas.

Is there a liquid applied product that you think is great?

Do you know anyone who does it full time in South East Florida?

Client is getting a roof condition report and I do not believe it will pass.

He also wants to know if those products last and if so how long?

Please help with info if you can.

Life expectancy of applied roof coating… 1 year. Don’t use black.:wink:

I just saw some in home depot that claims to be 15 years. I took a picture and sent it to him.

Many folks cannot afford to get a new roof now days.

It was their $100 a bucket stuff. Dries white.

Great when you need a new roof the old shingles come off as one big Glued set of shingles .

I have heard nothing positive and lots of negative . I would not use this … Roy

I think that stuff is meant for concrete surface, They carry stuff called SILVER DOLLAR, I have been told is a good applied coating, for maintenance purpose, all depends on existing roof condition. I will question my roofer…

no roof-in-a-bucket is going to last more than one or two years

I agree but what is a fella supposed to do when the insurance company doubles his payments and tell him his roof must be certified at 3+ years for them to even insure them?

A 24 of beer and a box of hamburgers and Friends to help install a new roof.
Cheaper in the long run

He is supposed to maintain his roof. You can only put off putting on a new roof for so long.

  1. The customer coats the roof, it blows off he makes a claim, we pay to give him a new roof.

  2. The customer puts on new roof he pays. Storm comes nothing happens, rates drop.

This is biggest reason for rate hikes in Florida, hot sun, big winds and old roofs.

Yea, what he said!

And as a side note, no manufacturer I have ever contacted said to coat their roofs with anything or paint them.

Are there leaks or rotted wood? If not, it might last 4 years…according to the form!:wink:

Last time I checked we reported the condition of the inspected item not the conditions of the owner of the property. Let the chips fall where they may. We are not the saviours of the distressed property owners.

We are the reporters of factual observations. Those who are not will lose their licenses… all of them.

Beared repitition.

I do not feel expected life is the way to go.
It is never going to be looked at the same way by different inspectors.

HUH? You would be making a judgement based upon your experience…Oh wait… sorry, send me a picture I’ll give you an opinion based on mine.Do you have a close up photo of the areas of concern that limit the life expectancy? I also don’t remember an age evaluation based upon your observation either. There comes a point where it is necessary to make a determination. NIKE (just do it)


You seem to be implying that they cannot afford to tear off and re-cover their roofs? What is the value of the house?

Around 2 now was up to about 6. The guy was in the construction biz so he does not make what he once did.

The insurance companies suck and there are no for sures when it comes to life expectancies. Just because something looks like crap does not mean it will leak or even fail.

Funny thing is the guy could have gotten a new roof when the hurricanes several years ago and he just fixed it himself instead of screwing the insurance companies like every other Tom, Dick or harry that has that 2005/6 roof that so many ****holes seem to have.

I know who paid for those when I see them :frowning:

Elastomeric coatings are typically intended for commercial restoration. As such, they are designed to go over surfaces that are not required to breath such concrete decks or metal panels. Puting it on asphalt shingles installed on wood decking will tend to rot the deck. Even more so since existing water damage is likely on this older roof.
Home Depot does not sell quality paint of any kind, PERIOD. The product that you looked at is probably Lanco Siliconizer, which is OK, but they make a much better product only sold at roofing suppliers or professional paint stores.
While Silver Dollar will breath, it will only last about 2 years. If you use an asphalt based aluminum coating, make sure it has at least 2 pounds of aluminum paste.
Citizens has a form that gives the home owner 30 days to habe the roof updated or replaced, with a signed contract.
If the home owner is determined for a short term fix, he can use the ten year product that you saw and in good concious you can give him a five year life expectancy (like a 30 year shingle lasting 15). If you contact the manufacturers rep (shoot me an email if you want his cell phone number), he can certify the job and give the homeowner a written 10 year manufacturers warranty (for the crap at HD).
That’s my .02


Call me tomorrow. I have a roofing contractor that will go out and look at the roof. If he thinks he can somehow seal it and give the guy his three years, he will, but he is the one who has to seal it, as he will be the one giving the three year guarantee. What happens after year 2 when the roof now only has 2 years left I have no idea.

I always pass these marginal ones off to a roofing contractor. If they think they can do it they will. If not they will tell him no way and to replace it. Let the roofing contractor have the headache. If something goes wrong, at least they can fix or patch it. If an inspector writes up a marginal roof, they might end up buying it. FYI - tell the guy if he cannot afford a new roof, then maybe he should look at a 203K rehab loan. It one way he might be able to afford it.

Thanks Reece I will keep it in mind for him and let him know :slight_smile:

I apply a coat of this every five-seven years to my Modified Bitumen patio roof, holds up very well on sheet products, I doubt it would be worth a damn on Shingles, nor was it designed for that use.