Best thermal image camera

What is the best thermal imaging camera for your money?

Flir E4 for the money, but I like the E8.
Check out this E4 upgraded to the E8 on Ebay.

A lightly used, open box or refurbished professional grade imager still under warranty and calibration like an E60

I’ve used the E-4,but never the E-8. A friend of mine is interested in getting a t-camera and was looking for advice.

The best IR Camera is going to depend on what you intend to do with it. If you’re planning on just using it in residential home inspections an E4 or E8 is likely all you need. If however, you are planning on going further into commercial inspection including electrical, roofs, etc a higher end camera may be right. If you haven’t taken a class yet I really recommend the 2 day class Monroe Infrared is doing with InterNACHI. Bill does a great job of explaining the right cameras for the right applications.

My money, or your money? How much is your money? What is the budget… $200… $1,000… $3,500… $10,000 ???