Who has the best deals on the FLIR E6 and E8?

Anyone know who has the best deals on the FLIR EX-Series (E4, E5, E6 and E8) at the moment?
Also, if you own one of these models, is the internal memory for images an issue? Most people I spoke with like an SD card for storage.
Thanks in advance.

Frank Glomb

These guys are pretty competitive… http://www.tequipment.net/flir/flir-e4-vs-e8-thermal-imager-rule-based/

Hey Frank,
Thanks for the reply. The prices these guys have are very good. I’ve purchased some other testing equipment from them in the past.

Frank Glomb

Check with John KcKenna, he can get you abetter deal than that, if you take the class.

Email me… I cannot quote prices in public.
Our student discount prices are the lowest in N America.


I paid $1250 including delivery and works even better than the E8. Some future options of the E8 are already in the unit and activated by this seller. Once I make money, I’ll buy my future one from Flir but now that’s all I could afford.

Anyone have experience with the Keysight IR cameras?

Same here, I love Tequipment. They are very responsive and helpful

You should post your own thread rather than Hijack someone else’s. You will probably get a better response as the subject will actually pertain to your question.

Will do MB nazi. Haha

LOL @FrankRotte

Frank Glomb

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Email me, sales@inspectoroutlet.com. I’ll beat them all.

Hi Nikolai,
Happy New Year.
I sent you an email.


Frank Glomb

I bought a new Flir E60bx about a month ago on EBAY for $4200. Couldn’t believe it no one else bid on it.

Excellent choice

That’s a great price for that unit.

The FLIR E6 model I found is running for $2,395.00. Waiting to see if the InspectorOutlet can help me out. I would rather keep the money in the family!

Frank Glomb


Best Pricing

John McKenna
Tom Black
Monroe Technology

David, did the seller say how the upgrades were done? Does he offer any kind of warranty with the camera. The features make this an outstanding deal of the camera is reliable and durable.