Best Web Site of the Month

Just for grins and constructive input, I will run a Poll in April for Best Web Site of the Month.

See if we can generate some interest, and get some Internet Exposure for fellow INACHI Members.

First 8 Web Sites will be entered into the Poll. Nominate, your own site, or Nominate someone else’s site.

Have Fun…:smiley:

I will Nominate this site to get the ball rolling.

We stopped that contest while you were on sabbatical Brian.
Lack of interest.

Try something new.

So nothing positive form you then Bob.

You gotta keep up with the times dude.
Award committee was just dissolved a couple month’s ago.

Try and come up with something new and imaginative.

Okay Bob. Yor are crossing into areas that are untrue. The Awards Committee would appreciate it if you didn’t spread those types of rumors. Thanks.

Bob, I just asked for a few web sites to have a fun Poll. Not associated with or sanctioned by anyone.

If you don’t want to participate, then don’t participate.

Go fight with someone else please…

You mean the awards committee did not dissolve for website of the month?
OK who won last month Jeff?

I was talking about this specified award you know…:roll:

By the way do you always refer to your self as "the committee"which is kinda like “The situation”…lol or do you have permission to speak for all the other members as they may not approve of you speaking for them.

I speak from fact while you assume to know what others are thinking…hmmmm

Take a chill pill.

Brian! Thanks for the mention! I’d consider Bob, his site home page is pretty cool it pops, but he obviously has no interest (Kidding, Bob)…this one is cool, but you IR guys do get the coolest pics to use, you have a slight edge…

Fine with me… Scott is a great INACHI member.

So we now have two

No Bob, Jeff is correct, our committee was not dissolved.

the doctor’s in the house!

Do I need to dig up the thread where it was decided to dissolve website of the month?
No big deal but I am sure I recall it and the fact there is no more contest says something about my memory being correct.

Ah here it is …Ok suspended…T**his is to inform the Membership that;

Due to lack of participation and interest, we have suspended the Website of the Month polls at this time.

Thanks to all that have contributed. **

Love seeing the contest myself but if this becomes popular with zero awards or free membership what does that mean ?
Brian was gone and may not be aware of the low participation so he is taking my criticism too personally as I would love for the contest to work but hope to encourage him in thinking of doing things a little differently or are we going by the rule if something fails just keep doing it the same way as it might work the next time.

Y thank you kind Sir… three

Come on guys how about 5 more

If we get 9 entry’s I will bow out

[FONT=Times New Roman][size=3]Thanks Brian I Really appreciate what you are doing . It is Unfortunate that we have a few who seem to find fault so often .
This negative attitude tends to make others wonder why the should participate and get slammed .
Some times a positive attitude reaps great rewards .


I totally agree, I come to the message boards for education and information, but so many comments are unprofessional and demeaning. I rarely visit the boards because it is filled with so much garbage at times. Clean it up guys!

Would you like to include your Web site for the poll Mary?

Does the term constructive criticism exist in Canada Roy?
Apparently not.

:roll: :roll: :roll:

Yes it does and if your post was meant to help improve the awards then Great.
Sorry I must have taken it the wrong way .
We in the awards love to get new ideas given to us you can send them to me or any of the Committee members and you can be sure we will study all and see about trying them out .
.I try to avoid being** vindictive**.