Better than climbing roofs

I want to do thermal imaging on these guys so bad I can taste it!!!:smiley:

Your a nut :D:D:D

maybe You could get them to strap You to one of the blades…just sayin…

What’s stoppin’ ya?

No elevators…:mrgreen::shock::smiley:

:smiley: :mrgreen:

A couple of the guys doing what Charlie wants to do fell to their deaths last week.
Look it up.

Yipper and there was 5000 killed in car wrecks last week and 1200 shot in Chicago in two weeks:twisted:

I was told by a worker that they have elevators like a saddle stirrup you put one foot in the stirrup and up you go:D Oh ya gotta hang on also;-)

Any one can stand on the ground and shoot IR images I want to shoot the generator. What is stopping U

Bad news Bob says it’s dangerous. LOL :smiley:

i have said it before…i wanta buy you a beer some day Charley.

Good, then you’ll be able to get to the top to do the work. :stuck_out_tongue: Just razzing’ ya Charley…

I hope it works out good for you and you get lots of work on those. :smiley:

Ya better hurry I have one foot in the grave and the other one is on a banana peel:mrgreen:

Yeah exactly where you planted them and now you ask somebody to toss you a anvil.

Knowing Charley, I am sure he has a few years of hectic Inspections left in him before he slips down below the daisies. ;):mrgreen:

He hasn’t worn out that new red hat yet Marcel

Bosun’s chair Charley.
I use to wash windows when I was 18.

Then swing and tract stages.
22 stories in the air was my highest.

Belt wok was a routine at 7 or 8 stories. 14 foot stories I believe.

Then came the areal platform.
Took all the excitement away.:wink: