Beware Of

After using their ‘free’ service for a couple of months with some problems, I could not upload a report today. So, I sent several emails to them asking for help since my client was waiting for the report.

This is what I sent:
[FONT=Arial]“I need to upload some files immediately and the site won’t let me. It says I have used 15 out of 15 uploads this month. [/FONT][FONT=Arial]It looks like it needs to be reset for March.”[/FONT]

Here is the reply I get back from them:

“There was no need for you to send me 5 of these emails. Please remember this is a free service, which may be terminated at any time, at our discretion. Abuse of the service, or of our support for this free service, may be considered grounds for termination.”

[FONT=Verdana]I replied:[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]*"You have got to be kidding me! Abuse? Strong words for someone sending five emails requesting help. Five emails for help is abuse? *[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]When someone has come to depend on a service, free or not, and cannot access the service it creates a state of urgency, especially when clients are waiting for their reports. "[/FONT]

Then I get this:

“Yes, sending me 5 emails in a row is abuse. Your sixth email, below, is enough.
Please go find yourself another free provider for services - I don’t need this.
Have a nice day.”

The person sending the emails from, I mean and grassfrog technologies was the helpful, customer oriented and goodwill promoting, not, Roberta Dulay.

Thought you guys might want to know what a joke this bunch is.

Yes, Mike, 5 emails in 8 minutes at 7 in the morning regarding an issue you’re having with this free upload service is abusive, as were your two other emails including the one below:

"You are the biggest total jerk I have ever run across. Looks like I’ll have to inform the thousands of other inspectors what a joke you and your company is.

Mike Schoolfield
Atlantic Property Inspection, LLC
(321) 698-1723 tel (321) 459-9434 fax](
According to the terms and conditions posted on the web site, we are not obligated to provide free services to anyone, much less to someone who runs around projecting the amount of arrogance and entitlement that you do. You agreed to those terms and conditions when you signed up for your free web site.

I’m so glad you posted this. My brother-in-law, the attorney, could use the work.

The service remains free to the other 9,999 NACHI members who have not insulted me.

Have a nice day.

Is a vender threatening a lawsuit to a NACHI member over a free service, but also gets much much business from NACHI members…?

This place is getting really out of control.

If he was paying for the Service, would the response have been different?


Was the Website only down for the FREE Clients?

Has all the earmarks of a major miscommunication, should probably be taken off line for resolution.

That sounds funny coming from you Joe B.

As far as I’m concerned a vender making a threat of a lawsuit on this BB should be really looked at, considering this vender depends on NACHI members most of her business. If Roberta Dulay would like to take her business else where she should feel free to do so, but making a reference to a lawyer (brother inlaw) is totally out of line…So as the phrase goes…“Buyer Beware!”

It seems we have more Vendors masquerading as Inspectors than we have Inspector NACHI Members

Good grief, Charlie Brown. The site was never down - there was simply a counter that needed to reset. No big deal.

ReportUpload is a free service we decided to offer to NACHI members at Nick’s request. If I had known I’d be ripped to shreds via email and in the board over it, I would have thought twice about offering it at all. It’s simply not worth the amount of time it took to write this application.

If anyone finds the free service useful and would like for it it to continue, please let me know. If no one needs or uses this service, then I can’t see any reason to keep it running as a free NACHI member benefit. Please email me directly at roberta @ with your thoughts.


I agree that the vendors need to be kind the Home Inspectors on this site. Her lawsuit posting was un called for. :mad:

Kinda reminds me of the story about Levi Strauss, went to California hoping to strike it rich in the gold rush and found out he could make more money selling stuff to miners then he ever could panning for gold, you gotta hand it to those pragmatic inventive vendors. :smiley:

There are a few inspectors and vendors in Nederland Colorado…odd. I didn’t even know where Nederaland was until I joined NACHI…

Do you think that it was kind of him to post this in the public forums warning all away from her business? Or professional?

Or that it was rational to get upset in such a short amount of time?

I agree that lawsuits shouldn’t be threatened, but bringing this into a public arena rather than dealing with it professionally was uncalled for also.

None of this is being handled well.

I’m guessing he was trying to upload a report to get it to a client…and was probably frantic about it…understandable. maybe he is Pisces also? :wink:

Wendy…You bring up all good points. I for one feel if someone gets bad customer service, he has the right to voice his opinion. Now we must realize that there are three sides to every story. His, Hers and the truth. And if it wasn’t a big deal (as Roberta posted above) then I wonder why Michael recieved an email like he posted above from the support staff. Makes you kind of wonder.

I for one stay away from vendors here because of various reasons.

And I agree with you that things like this could be handled better with cooler heads. Like a cooling off period. When you take time to stop and count to ten…things seem to have a different perspective.

Just my thoughts.

There you go! Its clear as day now:) .or even Scorpio.

Why do you say, was he threatening to use **Taekwon *Roe? :mrgreen: ***

I agree with Joseph on this one