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[FONT=Arial]The report upload is outstanding. I sent a report to a customer a few minutes ago and she was ecstatic! [/FONT]
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Many of you know that Michael and I are friends, but I want you to know that our friendship didn’t form on a golf course or bowling alley. I met Michael because I was so impressed with his products.

I strongly recommend you start looking into the stuff he’s creating for our industry. Much of it is directed toward helping us grow. Really good stuff.

His catalogue is required reading for every member, IMHO. Order your free copy today and start to think about smart growth.

They are a good company, I would however stay away from there on line scheduling. I won it the convention and have had to take it off my web site as it does not work. If someone does book though it it does not send you any e mails to let you know. I only found out I had a booking when the client called with a question. When I asked Inspection Depot why this is the answer I got was “We Don’t Know”

With respect to my message about the On line Scheduling from Inspection Depot Michael Rowan the COE has called and explained why that happened. It sound like I was just unfortunate to get someone use the program while the servers where being changed. Michael also explained that I was not using the program to its full potential. It sound like that the experience I had was a one off. Like I also said Inspection Depot are a good company and Michael is a good man who does look after his clients. Its just a shame he Irish but hay we cant all perfect like Gerry, Keith and myself!!!

Here is some feedback.

I entered my clients info and then uploaded the report.
They said they never got the email that gives them the password.
What happened?

I verified that the email is correct and working before I posted this
question to you.


You are still sending out emails to my clients with the word
toll free spelled “tol free”.

I know you guys are still in Beta so I am willing to work with you.


I was unaware of this experience and am truly sorry. I don’t know who you spoke to but it was obviously the wrong person here in our company.

We have just spent the last three weeks moving all our support and development to India. The company we work with has over 125 programmers and support staff to provide the development and technology needs we require.

I have found out that this happened when we were making the move, which I would also mention, was more difficult than I had expected. At that time they were still configuring the mail servers which were still not finalized.

The software does send emails confirming inspections are booked. It also lists these on the DASHBOARD, of the technology the minute you log in. Active participation with our technology is crucial. You schedule must be up to date. The technology includes for report upload, scheduling, realtor reports and much more. If you logged into it every day you would see that it will work for you. You would see your schedule in a second.

It has and you have secured now two inspections, and you won the software for Free!

From our experience also, most, if not all clients will always call the office when they book online. But at this stage you have got them. If you can entice participation by your clients, making them input the information; very rarely will they revert to another company. You must have the tools though to entice clients on your web site and it must be clearly visible.

When you go on line and type a lot of information to get a result, its take something major for you not to proceed with that company. That is the trend of on line customers.

Virtual inspector draws in clients because it is a real time scheduling software with automated pricing. They are not necessarily looking at the cheapest price but the best value. Having an advanced scheduling system puts you far ahead of the competition for on line customers!

Again, thankfully you did not lose the inspection and from our discussions today, you are actually now doing another inspection for that clients mother. There will probably more to come as the client works for a bank also.

I know that you have our new construction software and are very happy with it. I appreciate you acknowledging that we are a good company and again am truly sorry for the response you got from the wrong person.



Your welcome Michael, anyone who knows me will agree that I say what I think even if it gets me trouble and believe me my mouth has got into some serious problems. If I say you are good company I truly do believe that, same if I think a vendor is crap I will say that as well (IBS)


Thanks for getting letting everyone know again. I am in the process of moving house here today so am up to my ears in boxes.

I will give you a shout next week and I will make up for your not so good experience.

We have realtor seminars, illustrations, training materials and much more. Take a look at I am sure we can find so something you need! Try to keep to our products though!!