Biden-Palin Debate SNL Version

For those of you that missed the debate on Saturday Night Live.

Too bloody funny Greg, thanks I missed that last night :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:



As with every SNL skit I’ve had the displeasure of watching over the last decade, you couldn’t pay me enough to laugh at any of it. A sober documentary on September 11th has more humor in it than SNL could ever hope to nowadays.

Tina Fey Mistaken For Sarah Palin By French Newspaper

Culture Buzz]( The AFP photoservice ran an image taken from Tina Fey’s SNL performance last weekend as an actual picture of Governor Palin. Hey, I mean, they do look alike. But Amy Poehler ain’t no Katie Couric.

Totally agree. SNL has gone down the tube since the 80’s. All they have right now is mocking the presidential race, then the rest of the show pretty much sucks… You’ll get more enjoyment sticking a pencil in your eyes for 60 Min’s. :mrgreen:

I am from the Gilda Radner - John Belushi days, when SNL was at it’s peak.

I find the image of Palin presented by them during their “pardodies” to be too close to accuracy to be actually funny. There is nothing funny at all about a VPILF proclaiming her foreign policy expertise based upon the fact that “We can see Russia from Alaska”.

They should get back to comedy and stop reporting on the real deal, IMO.

wow…tina fey does a great impression of Palin…I missed that last night.

Nick and Peter, lighten up, be more maverick-y. :smiley:

That quip was funnier than anything that SNL has ever done in over a decade. Good job Chris! :wink:

Darn you Chris. I was just starting to sober up from the drinking game last night. That was one of the key words. Now I have to start all over again…:vomit:

**The man with the best job in the country is the vice-president. All he has to do is get up every morning and say, “How is the president?” **
Will Rogers

Those grapes are mighty sour.

Sadly, the writers at S.N.L. ( and at Letterman too) have lost the ability to appreciate the difference between wit and mockery. The former is funny. The latter is simplistic at best and at worst the representation of the level of humour seen in public school yards.

Nothing has changed, as always it all depends on whose ox is being gored. :smiley: