Palin tonight. Will the DSM broadcast the speech?

Will the DSM boradcast Palin’s speech, live, or will thet talk over it and edit it like theydid Thompson, last night.

Here’s the latest:

They even drugged up video footage, from before Palin was married, as a local TV sports reporter:

And, the ever catty Maureen Dowd:

Gonna be a heck of a speech.

The left is desperate to discredit Palin.

She scares the he** out of them.

It seems honorable for you guys to come to the defense of the poor defenseless MILF…but you have it wrong.

No one really cares as much about the VPILF…as they do the process of the cancer-ridden, dying candidate that shot from the hip and made such a poor choice of picking the one who replaces him in two years or less.

Even you defenders of Palin will admit that there were more qualified women he could have selected from his party … but he overlooked them for this one. And look at the negative response she has brought.

It is not about Palin, but the unwise and arrogant manner in which the man who wants to lead went about selecting her.

James you have become very tiresome.

When you post something new, interesting, or simply false I will respond then.

Until then keep trying to convince yourself that you have made the right choice.

McCain, as has been clearly shown, chose here because he wants to win. Never mind the added benefit of her driving the leftys crazy. There was no “vetting error” (as the DSM has been trying to push. RE: NBC news, last night). McCain knew and chose her.

You seem to be going a little crazy yourself, Jim. Are you a lefty?

Most of the channels cut off Thompson as he toasted those present, in a mumbling stumbling type manner.

I have know doubt ,Palin will stick with her rerun of fighting the good old boys network , with that shrill voice of hers.

I might just turn off the volume and admire the image.

Actors , and models are the makeup of the Republican party.

Isn’t funny how even some of the least qualified of the models and actors, far exceed the best that the democrats bring to the table.

Intelligent thought takes work and there are many empty heads falling for empty speech.

The right hates College Professors and Media, Writers ,Artists etc because the have enough education to see the truth.

Just so happens , they are the first to be jailed in a Facist Government. Hmmmm

WHOOOOO! Nice cut there, Mark.

Gee, Reagan (a two term Governor) beat the heck out of Carter, didn’t he?

Gee, Shwartznegger beat the incumbant Governor in California, didnt he?

Gee, Palin (a Governor) is more qualified, has more experience (both executive and elected) than Omaba and more executive experience than Biden, doesn’t she?

With the lefty Dems, I would go with “actors” and “models” over their silliness, any time.

I’m pretty far right, and I don’t hate anyone.

I don’t care for most college professors, not because they are educated, but because most are extremely liberal, and are too arrogant to look at facts that contradict their pre-disposed notion of how the world should be run. Remember… Those that can, do. Those that can’t, teach. They think that because they have a couple of letters behind their name, that makes them right. What they don’t understand is that all those letters mean is that they finished a school.

I don’t care for most media for the same reason. Unbalanced or one sided is fine, if you admit it. The problem with most media is that they don’t admit it.

As for artists, who cares? They can paint or sing whatever they want. That doesn’t make them experts in anything except painting or singing.

Bob, once again, your lack of knowledge of history or of the current world astounds me.

Do not forget, Bob (or, maybe the liberal proferssors never taught you) that the Fascists (i.e, Italian Fascista and German Nazis) were not from the right. They were Socialists. (NAZI - National Socialist Workers Party).

If you are using the term, incorrectly, I might add, Fascist to refer to totalitarian regemes, that I would remind you that ALL of the great totalitarian governments have been from the left (USSR, Communist China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Cuba, etc) and all the world’s worst totalitarian murderers were from the left (Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro, Hitler, etc).

Please, don’t use a term unless you know the definition. (and not the silly one from Wikipedia, the real one from Political Science and History.

In fact, most of the cut backs in liberty and freedom, in the last 20 years and in the U.S., have been the result of the work of the left.

Hope this helps;

Not sure who died and made you the expert , but all you Fascists types refer to those whom do not go along with your program , Radicals and leftists.

The winner is the one who writes history, so please stop thinking you are the end of the road.

Actually in November , thats where all your thoughts will go , as the USA can’t be fooled any longer .

Your favorite scorch and burn politicos will disappear, thank goodness

You really have no clue as to what a fascist is Bob, do you?

I’m not sure you understand left and right.:roll:

Does someone in the home need a straight jacket!


Not true, Bob.

Many hold disdain for these “professionals” not because they have education, but because they’re a$$holes.

Media paints whatever picture they want. The notion of objective journalism is long gone. An example of this in action is Wolf Blitzer. What a bias joke he is.

NY Times? As far leaning as a newspaper can get without falling over.

College Professors? Most are dim-witted leftists with an agenda. They have little tolerance for opposing views, and if you (as a student) fail to agree with their political views, you fail the course. Gone are the days of debate. Here are the days of intolerance.

Free thinking is not permitted, unless you happen to agree with academia. How enlightening.

Tell me: who are the fascists, again?

Your statement is beyond being without merit. It flies in the face of what once made this country the educational and manufacturing powerhouse it once was.

Hard work and the middle-class were replaced with entitlements, political correctness, and educational elitism.

All orchestrated by the bozos you mention in your statement.

Typical retort of one caught.

I am not an “expert” on Political Science, but I learned the definition of Fascism, in High School (Marist H.S.) in an elective course called Introduction to Politcal Science in 1971. The teacher was also a gym coach.

Not very hard, Bob.

But, all your “college professors” don’t teach this. All the DSM act differently.

To my mind, and in my experience, lefties are constantly using words that they do not know the definitions of.

Radicals are, usually, people of the left who want to change things father left by means other than working within the system.

Leftists are people who take a more left (i.e., socialist) position.

Please don’t call people names that you don’t know the meaning of. Just makes you look silly.

Hope this helps;