Obama Looses it

Obama Looses it](http://olddogg.com/comedy/obama-kicks-door-open-video-1/)

No one within 20 feet would even approach Obama after this outburst.

You mean on Saturday Night Live or for real?

Shhh! John watches FOX Noise and thinks everything on TV is real. But in offense of John, SNL and FOX both continously perform comedy skits, so I can see how he would get confused.

The jury is still out on which one is funnier.

Oh well it looked like him anyway . lolol speed searching does that

Obviously it’s John. :stuck_out_tongue:

More like blind hatred. :shock:

I posted this so you guys could spend all your energy telling me it was not real… LOL.
Your funny…:slight_smile:

You wouldn’t know funny if it ripped off your head and crapped down your neck, thanks again for the humor. :mrgreen:

LOL… keep it up.