Biden's plan to double the size of the IRS will hurt America in 5 ways:

If you work hard and earn more money, you should get to keep all of it after a certain point. Maybe anything over $200K is yours to keep. You certainly shouldn’t have to pay a higher percent for being extra productive. The system is backwards.


They need to get ready for the next IRS penalty change where anyone making under $200K a year and is audited will be executed at their whim whether their taxes were correct or not! It’s the Loony Left’s way of reducing carbon emissions to save the planet. :wink:

I’m in the middle. I think a flat 10% tax is enough. Everyone can pay the same percentage, which is fair. Rich people make more, they can pay more. Poor people have less, they can pay less.
(If God only needs 10%, why does uncle Sam need so much more?) :innocent:


Hey Nick, I love what you do and I quite often agree with your points in general, but I just don’t see it with this one.

  1. It costs us Americans more money to hire more government employees.

Of course it does. At least in this case they will be generating more revenue than they are expending.

  1. All those additional IRS agents are not going to be in the free market producing goods and services

Not true. Everyone of these salary workers will be spending their paychecks in the free market, buying the goods and services that we the people are selling in this capitalist society. Think of it as a stimulus package where the government actually receives a direct benefit from the money it is spending. This is a really good thing. And don’t forget, they pay taxes on their earnings from the IRS :slight_smile:

  1. Those IRS agents will collect more taxes from us.

Not true again. They will be collecting the taxes that are legally owed. The money that we are obligated to pay but some of us and our businesses have been skirting will finally come due. Again, I don’t see how this is a bad thing. This is making sure that everybody follows the law and I see it as extremely fair.

  1. It will result in Americans spending more time doing paperwork and fighting audits to try to keep OUR money that we earned.

If you’re being audited, yes. If your taxes are on the up and up, no. We do pay money that we’ve earned, that is absolutely true. But remember that the United States charges less taxes then most other countries with similar per capita incomes. If you want military, police, teachers, representatives, national parks, Medicare, social security, roads, or any other service that the government provides, a citizen and their business has to pay.

  1. And lastly, the extra money they collect will go to the government.

Yup. They’ve done a lot of horrible things. But they’ve done a lot of good stuff. They have covered my mother’s cancer treatment for the last 4 years. They eliminated bin Laden, al Baghdadi, Zawahri. As massive as this population is and is divided we are, the gov has done a pretty good job of keeping everybody together and maintaining one of the highest qualities of life for its hard-working citizens in the world.

There are some things in this new build back better bill that I do not agree with, but I honestly feel that spending the money on improving the IRS is one thing the majority of people should be able to get behind.

Not trying to start a fight with you brother, I just see this through another lens that some people might want to consider.

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Interesting perspective. Let us give it to the government so it can make it’s way back to us. In the interim, let’s be sure to layer as much bureaucracy and waste as possible.

No they haven’t. We have. I am ok with it, and I hope her the best. But just keep in mind, the government has accomplished this the most inefficient way possible.

That is their job which I will happily pay for.

I am not sure what keeping us together means. But I agree, as long as we adhere to the constitution and the fundamentals of our republic we might be able to keep it together.

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10% is about double what they need. All they need to do is restrict their activities to those that the constitution affords them.


This ^^^^^^


What part of the constitution is that?
Other than this.
" Article I, Section 8, Clause 1 : The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States; . . . 240 U.S. at 12."
Just asking!

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Pretty simple. Defend our sovereignty, oversee international relations, adjudicate disagreements between the various states.

No welfare programs
No college loan programs
No funding of studies on the sex habits of shrimp on cocane.



Yup, inefficient and bureaucratic I agree. If you want efficiency in government, look to China as an example of how to do things. :slight_smile:

Our gov can be improved, just as all big organizations can be improved. I feel that this is an improvement on a massive hole in one of the most important department of US government there is. Without tax revenue, the rest of the government stops working.

Agreed, we need tax revenue. Do you think this is the solution? An over bloated agency gaining more bloat? To me, it just illustrates more incompetency to include a terrible tax code.

The tax code should be designed to reduce government bloat…not increase it. The old “it will pay for itself” mentality is ridiculous IMO.


Yes I do. It’s not bloat if it pays for itself and then some. We are already have accrued a massive federal spending deficit. It makes sense to invest a little money to earn a lot of money.

Take a look at this Fox News article that say there may be up to $1,000,000,000,000 (that’s $1 trillion) dollars that has not been paid:

It is a myopic micro solution which we keep accepting as comprehensive and competent. Sorry for my frustration, but as Americans we continue to accept the unacceptable. No matter how much you stir it, a bucket of poop is still a bucket of poop.

If I were a legislator, there would be no way I would vote on this without the counter balance of a simplified tax code. Big government loves big government and this is an orgy.


So, you’re a ‘Fanboi’ of Communism. That was obvious from your first few sentences.

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Nope. Absolutely not. Never said that. In fact I returned to the states after the gov of the country I was living in turned dictatorial. So let’s just clear that up real quick, Jeffrey Jonas.

I am a “Fanboi” of people and businesses paying their legal share of taxes. Too many have gotten away with skirting the tax system and it is not fair to you nor me, not fair to Republicans nor Democrats, not fair to people who agree with my comments nor people who disagree.

It makes me wonder what ulterior motives some people have for not approving of this bolstering of the IRS.

I agree with the need for simplified tax code. I got audited two years ago because of a key detail that I misunderstood with the child tax credit. Took a year to sort out and in the end I had to pay $130. Now I’ve learned to leave it to the professionals because of the complexity of the current state of the filing taxes. I think a simplified tax code, even a flat tax, would be fantastic. But if you think getting the gov to agree on the current change was hard, try a complete IRS overhaul.

Baby steps.

I stated my motive, very clearly. To think only crooked people disapprove is just naïve. The last thing I want is to bust my ass to play by the rules only to be defeated by a cheater.

And you think this bill was baby steps? The bill is HUGE.

No, the bill is incompetence. Stop accepting it.

(for clarity, a baby step would have been to reduce the size of the IRS and a start to simplify the tax code)

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Which is exactly what the IRS portion of the bill is intended to address. The cheating.

The bill in total is HUGE and even the IRS portion is HUGE but compared to a complete IRS overhaul with a flat tax that you mentioned earlier, it’s a drop in the bucket.

It’s a big bill and some of it is, I agree. I maintain tax portion is not.

I’d love to keep the conversation going but I have lunch and an afternoon pre-drywall to get to. I enjoyed the conversation and I hope that it may have given some folks another viewpoint to consider.

No doubt there will be plenty of replies while I am away; I just hope they are civil. Peace.

Okay, enjoy your lunch.

But if you believe in the above, why are you supporting such incompetence?

Way Wrong. They will have no problem finding folks to get fully funded health insurance, fully funded retirement, 16 paid holidays a year, multiple weeks of paid vacation per year, child care benefits, mental health days off, etc…etc…etc… Life on the gravy train is good…

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