This is a PIC of what 87,000 new (additional) IRS agents look like:

And they’re coming after you…


Dirty bas-----!!!

Keep the Faith…

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Nice visual representation Nick! I’m scurred…

Wait, I thought they were only going after the 614 billionaires in the nation???


I wish they were coming after me. That would mean that me or my biz was earning $400k+.

But then again, I would not give them a reason to be suspicious because me and my biz keep our books clean and tidy. We aren’t part of the 1 trillion dollars lost by tax evasion each year.

More power to the IRS, I say. If a person or biz is cheating, it’s only fair they get caught and pay up.

say. If a person or biz is cheating, it’s only fair they get caught and pay up.

I disagree. It’s better that someone cheat on their taxes than pay what they owe. Every dollar they pay is a dollar siphoned out of the productive economy and given to bureaucrats. That hurts us all. That money could be used by Americans to start businesses, grow businesses, hire people, and produce products and services we all enjoy. Instead, it’s a dollar wasted.

Anyway, the new IRS agents are mostly going after those in the gig economy, which are mostly poor and middle class, hard-working Americans.


I find it unnerving when an article starts with answering a question I didn’t ask. For me it seems adolescent.

That being said, nuance is always lost in political messaging. Annoying from both parties.

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Can someone show me where H.R.5376 Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 states the hiring of 87,000 agents?



I figured this would be a good thread to say hello as I am new here and working towards getting certified.



Welcome Jason. You jumped straight into the bouncy house.

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Thank you! This electrical section is a lot to take in and learn. I look forward to listening and learning for each of you.

Thanks again!


Hi Nick,

Interesting that you believe it is better for someone to cheat on their taxes than pay what they owe. I would like to discuss this matter further.

Perhaps I will visit you at home next week. You don’t mind if I bring some of my…associates, do you?

Thank you and enjoy the rest of your week.

Is this really what you came away with? Trolls are stupid.