Big News: "Now That You've Had a Home Inspection" book in full-color. No extra cost.

A huge value is that the agent sees you handing out the book to his or her clients, and is thus more likely to refer you down the road. Treating existing/past customers well is the #1 way to get referral business (both from those past clients and from real estate agents).

I agree somewhat but most realtors or buyers are not present on my inspections the # 1 way to get referrals is to perform a well rounded inspection present it in a timely manner in a language the client can understand

That only gets past clients to want to refer you … now to actually refer you, they need to find your dang contact information. Where is his business card? Hm. Oh wait! I have his book on my shelf.

Those books are great business add-ons.
One of the best products out of NACHI.

I describe the book as more of a referral generation tool than a sales tool.

I agree and never market on web sites with it.

The Book actually is a great way to help solidify a already ongoing relationship.

The way to use it as a sales tool is with First-Time Home Buyer-Friendly webseal:

Wow I ordered my books on Monday they arrived today I am shocked:shock: We are ready to Kick A** and take some names. Already have meetings set for next week going to show the next generation Bottger how to build a business because the next one will be his.:wink:


I actually do that as well Charley, only I pop in on open houses and leave one or two. My business card sticker is on the front.

It may be pouring money down the toilet, but when I hand my client this $3 book after they pay $425 for an inspection, their eyes twinkle like they actually received a gift! My thinking is that when they are partying or playing cards with friends and houses come up, they’ll remember this great book that this awesomely handsome inspector gave them with the contact info on the book!

Because they will lose the cards, and they won’t remember my name. They won’t lose the book (or the $2 company name engraved flashlight they receive.

They get a book to inform them, and to market my business. They get a flashlight for “hiring the brightest inspector”

I’m the gift that keeps on giving…just wait till Nick buys their house back!! :cool:

I actually can’t wait. I already have agreements with national media outlets to cover the first Buy Back.

I amalgamated some pics to create this one for my website.



I purchased 120 books and the way they are leaving I’ll be lucky if they last 30 days. What have I done!!! I must have lost my head!!! Oh I am finding prospective clients darn it anyway. **

Marketing solves everything**:mrgreen: