Book Deal: "Now That You've Had A Home Inspection . . ."

Like many of you, I ordered a hundred of these as “High-Powered Handouts” (again!) when Ben announced a price of $1.70 each. :cool:
They arrived faster than St. Nick (no pun intended)!:smiley:

Frankly, I was surprised (and disappointed) to find some smudges on the covers of some of them, :frowning: and figured HQ should be informed; they may have to “discuss” things with the printer:roll:.

Talk about Customer Service! In 2 days, I had another FREE HUNDRED copies sitting on my porch, Compliments of Nick!

For over 6 years, I have had 200% satisfaction guarantee with any and everything NACHI. From what I’ve seen and experienced, from afar & in person, Nick has made anyone who interacts with him, staff or member, feel like family. And, it’s fair to say, I would not be enjoying the success I now have without the unending support of this organization and my fellow members.

Other orgs can say what they want, about themselves (or us), but you really have to pity them for not having such an amazing support system.

OK, so it’s just a few books, but it’s reflective of the whole INACHI spirit, starting from the top.

Thanks, Nick - and all of you!

I too orderd 100 books but have not yet opened the boxes. I suppose I should check but I agree, if ANY thing is wrong it will be fixed fast and right.

Nick has a proven record of making things right and tries to give a helping hand to his inspectors when needed. NACHI rocks!


***** GREAT NEWS about the home maintenance book.** ***

home-maintenance-book-agents-love-it.jpg now-front-small.jpg

We just got a big order for books from a broker in NJ. A home inspector delivered a box of books with his brochures and business cards to his local real estate office.

Agents saw the books, and wanted more. Now… agents are purchasing the books to give to their own clients (buyers and sellers).

** This is PROOF that agents love the books. **

  • If they love the book, they’ll love you.

Become known by agents as “the inspector who includes that free, great home maintenance book.” Give this book away - to BOTH clients and agents.

**Real estate agents want this book!
Give it to them.


  • Use the book’s web seal.


Download the free web seal pic. we come out of a flat real estate market, many homes are being purchased by first-time buyers. The web seal (medium res jpg) is designed for InterNACHI members to put on their websites to attract first-time home buyers. Optional suggested text is below the web seal.

Check out - Table of Contents - First 32 pages - the EASIEST way to increase sales - at $2.20 - It’s a no-brainer

I agree; that’s the suggestion I made to Nick, yesterday. Do you mean that you have some books with the seal on there, already?
I don’t see it on mine . . .