Big News: "Now That You've Had a Home Inspection" book in full-color. No extra cost.

Orders for the inspection industry’s most popular book “Now That You’ve Had a Home Inspection” placed on or after June 1, 2014 will be fulfilled with our new 10th edition which is in full color.

There is no extra cost for the full-color editions. They are still only $2.70 each.

How to use the books to quadruple your inspection business in 2 years.

Great news Nick. Thank you.

They go in every binder I present at the inspection.

Watch this short video for a peek inside the full-color edition:

Nick’s mind never rests.

Over 340 cases were ordered today, a new 1-day record.

Darn ! I just order a case 2 weeks ago and got the B&W version.

A case won’t last you long. From now on they are in full-color at the same low price: $2.70.

I ordered 3 cases early this morning are you shipping according to when the order was received???

I will pick up a couple of cases this week or next.

very nice

Man Nick how do you do it! this is less than a new comic book.:mrgreen:

Charley asks:

You got the new full-color books coming to you Charley.

I hand these out at every inspection. The young, first time buyers like it. Even some older buyers, buying their 2nd or 3rd house, find it to be a good reference. Much better thabn the old black and white.

Look for about $3.00 and inspection, you can look like a real professional. What’s not to like?

Ordering a case tomorrow. My clients love them, and I know they’ll love the color ones, and I’m lovin’ the price :cool:

Your pouring money down the commode your client has already booked a inspection with you unless you think he might purchase another home in the next 30 days you need to be giving this book to someone that is in need of a inspection not already had one. Think about what I just said **(someone looking for a inspection) **the key is how do you deliver the book and your business card to someone you don’t know or will never meet until they book a inspection. Nick says give 3 books to a past client and have them give the books to friends or relatives I say the odds of that method of finding a person in need of a inspection is next to zero or just pure luck.

If you think about it there is a better way to distribute these books and they will be in the hands of potential buyers over 75% of the time;-)

I’m all ears Charley. Keep talkin’.

SHHHH Don’t tell no one but what do Realtors do, they have open houses, who comes to open houses, the last time I checked it was potential buyers. I have a select list of Realtors to give these books out at the open house with my card and the Realtors card stapled to the front. Ya see I did learn something from you business cards gets lost books do not

That’s good thinking Charley.

Nice, I look forward to giving them out when I use up my current box.