Big shout out to Will Singer, the president of Palm Tech reporting software

One of our members was having some technical issues that he couldn’t resolve, I called Palm Tech, and the President himself helped us.

Check out Palm Tech at:


Nick, Can you help us little people out? Palm Tech cloud service has been down all week. We can only use the app by dragging our windows tables or or laptop on site to complete inspections. I presently have reports on my phone i cant upload or send to my clients. Without redoing the reports.
I am unhappy that Porch has purchased the ISN and Palm Tech.

Ouch! What does customer no service have to say?

Palm Tech was purchased by Porch last year. Porch then recently purchased Home Inspector Pro. They aren’t going to support two software packages. HIP wins.

So, in other words, Palm Tech users are pretty much screwed, and you’re not giving “Big shout out…” to them anymore?

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I used it for 17 years over 3 versions it was the best software ever, hopefully the care to detail won’t be lost by Porch.

For me it wasn’t the best, but it was at the top of the list. Looks like porch is gobbling up everything these days… And even so didn’t I see in another post somewhere that their stock was down another 10% today?