I’m just getting started and i’ve looked at what seems like hundreds of software packages. In reality it’s been about 6. I’ve narrowed it down to either Home Inspector Pro or Palm Tech. I like them both but there is a pretty large price difference between the two. Any users of either or both that wish to share their thoughts???

Go cheap:p

thanks Robert. It’s kind of what I’m thinking, but have you used either???


HIP…Nicer looking report than Palm Tech…and the price is reduced till Christmas. I have 3D and HIP both! I would still say HIP.

Done a lot of research and would not even think of going with anything other than HG. You really do need to test them all before you buy. HG has far more features for writing a report and goes miles further by helping you run your business (plus you don’t have to have the “always open service dept” that others will chime in with ;-))

Robert is right about trying them,

Really the (3) to look at would be HIP, HG, & 3D. You can get a trial version on all three. You have to decide what work best for you. Palm Tech is pretty straight forward…but their reports look like they came off a typewriter (IMO). I ruled it out years ago.

Download the trials…and see what you like.

HIP is the best hands down at any price and they are having a sale till Christmas.

Search the board. All kinds of responses on this question.

Thanks for calling in today Bradley. If you have anymore questions just let us know!