Big thanks to Neil Diamond, little fishing village near Anahuac begins rebound

Oak Island is a small fishing village on the Gulf coast near Houston, Texas that was totally destroyed during hurricane Ike. The eye of the hurricane passed right through this small town. Neil Diamond generously committed 100% from the GROSS merchandise sales from 20 concerts to help rebuild the community. John Onofrey, Nick Jones and Top 2 Bottom Inspections are fortunate to have been selected to perform the home inspections for the Neil Diamond homes upon their completion. Thank you Neil Diamond for your generosity to the Anahuac community, you are truly a loving and caring person.
Official Neil Diamond page

house 4.JPG

house 4.JPG

house 3.JPG

house 2.JPG

house 1.JPG

house 5.JPG

That’s awesome John, good job! Let’s hope those new homes were built to the same standards and methods used at the now famous ‘last house standing’ in Crystal Beach after Ike.

lone house.jpg

Mike, the surge was 22’ above grade at the location of most of these homes. If it happens again, you can pretty much guarantee they will be gone. The pilings should be good though! :smiley:

John, I hope you remembered to write up the missing basement walls :wink:


It’s not that much different than how you guys on the Florida coast do it. We’re going back on the 5th to do six more, I’ll be sure to brush up on codes with regards to basements Gerry. :cool: