Anchor Bay Inspection a gift from 1st Pro Inspection

I know these forms and be hard to come by . I had Mr. Greg Bell help me and now I’m wanting to help you.
This form can be used with all except State Farm and Citizens. I derived it from Tower Hill. I just made it a few moment age …So! Check for errors and let me know before I delete it off my machine.

Good Luck …And for some strange reason I believe you will do great in the business.

Roy Lewis
1st Pro Inspection

Roy, Thank you so much, I cant say in words what you have done for me. I really appreciate you going above and beyond for me. I will now be using this form for all my 4-Points. This is a much better form than the NACHI form. I really appreciate you helping me out.

I love doing inspections and business is starting to pick up. I have came from a inspection background, as I did insurance underwriting inspections for 7 years, finally went and got my HI license. However still leaning new things everyday. Thanks for doing all this for me.

Thanks again:mrgreen::mrgreen:


You are very much welcome.
If I can ever be of any help just ask me …OK?

Have Fun!
I love Homes Beach and Long Boat .
Tell me where I took this picture at …see attachment.

That looks somewhere near Bradenton Beach, Coquaina Beach. I remember driving somewhere near there and seeing something like this.

You got it …Coquina Beach!

That what I was thinking, Been there once. Just to walk around. But first time I was there didn’t pay much attention. I just remember driving one day and seeing these. This is a real nice beach. The inlet where it goes out to the Gulf, Seems really peaceful.

Did you use to live here? Sarasota Bradenton


Which program did you use to make this? I would like to make one like that for myself.

I was born and raised in Tampa …Ybor City.
We always went to the beach down there.

Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES2.

Love Ybor city. The historic of the town is amazing. Plus being a cigar enthusiasts, makes it a lot more to do.

I love when I visit Ybor. My eldest Son lives in Wesley Chapel. When I visit him we drive into Ybor and hang out and visit the micro breweries and cigar factories/shops.


My first real job when I was 14 yo was working at the cigar factories.
I still smoke Cuesta Rey.

Cuesta Ray is a good smoke, Haven’t been to Ybor in a while and I’m kinda overdue.:cool: