BIGcrawler Updates

I thought this forum would make more sense for a crawlspace inspection vehicle. I have finished doing the mods, have mounted the camera on the side. Top of camera is only 6" high. Need to work on camera positioning, learn how to drive it using only the camera, mount the lights that came with the kit and try it out.crawler 1.jpg

crawler 2.jpg

crawler 1.jpg

crawler 1.jpg

crawler 1.jpg

Don’t send it anywhere that you can’t retrieve it for a while. You need to configure it to do pick tests.

First video test.

Outdoor crawl test at Tank Hill in San Francisco. Getting the bugs worked out.

Good one Scot How much will you have in to it .?
And will the camera rotate or go up and down?
Perhaps you incorporate the same camera the drones have . and will you do about lights

The crawler was 299, had to buy battery and charger. Under 400 with a couple parts I added. A gimbal is pricy for the camera. The kit came with a light bar, I bought lights for it and have to install them. Then fabricate a bracket and attach it to the bumper.

Here is an update on my progress with the BIGcrawler. New camera location.
Link for a new video with soundtrack.

Pretty cool Scot! Looks like Bigcrawler discovered some garage to attic fire issues. :lol: :mrgreen:

My rig update is coming up. Just got a lightweight remote pan/tilt gimble today. I already have a GoPro setup on 5.8ghz for FPV, but wanted the pan/tilt function too. I also had to replace the stock (cheap) steering servos that failed when doing actual rock climbing. That was fun while it lasted.

How much for the camera setup and what kind of crawler?

I have the Redcat RS10-XT crawler. I just got the GoPro 3+ and have a side mount 5.8ghz 200mw transmitter for FPV. I already had a receiver monitor. I can’t run the GoPro wifi without conflicting with the 2.4ghz car RC. I will use the pan/tilt with a separate controller, but may bite the bullet and get a nice goggle setup with headtracker. The crawler was $150, GoPro with transmitter was $225, pan/tilt with controller was $75, extras - batteries and misc. connectors was about $30.

Made a complete drive around with it on our fourth try. A couple of stalls. Great progress. Made the video a link in the report, the client loved the idea. Getting closer. Here is the video link.

Yep… paper facing not covered, no self closer, no bollard maybe more :smiley:

Really cool idea with the crawler though. You mentioned a gimbal, that’d be cool.

Are you using FPV yet, or are you driving line of sight? I need to find a good flood lighting system now…almost got it figured out. My gimble (pan/tilt) needs time to set up and mount. Cool video, but watch out for that low hanging fruit.:wink:

The last 2 videos were both fpv. The longer one I was inside the house driving it.

Are you using wifi on the GoPro for FPV? Doesn’t that conflict with the car controls? I know it does on mine.

It’s coming along nicely. You need to patent your process.

Yes, thats why it stalls a few times. Working on techniques for it.

Had some fun on a day off with our new project. This is the video from rock crawling up the hiking path at Twin Peaks in San Francisco.