Biggest event in the inspection industry each year... the online Christmas Party.

Friday, December 16, 2016… all day.

Nearly 3,000 home inspectors attend this event each year. It is the largest event in the inspection industry.

Four truckloads of gifts get shipped to attendees. Everyone is welcome. Everyone wins. Be here.

NICE!! Wait, do I get anything for being the 1st to reply? :smiley:

NO you had to be second so I win LOL.

Epic! Thanks Nick!

Last year’s was amazing!

I look forward to participating.

Merry Christmas!

I encourage everyone to bring something… anything to the Christmas… yes Christmas party. :lol: Already booked an inspection that day… so hopefully see everyone that afternoon.

That is also West Virginia’s best inspector’s birthday - Michael Clark, CMI (Inspection Connection).

So blessed that Nick sees it fitting to have the biggest inspection event held on the 2nd most important birthday in December! (well, 3rd with Mr Altizer in the mix!) :wink:

Hope it’s a great birthday/Christmas for me, I haven’t won anything yet, but I’ll be there!

Merry CHRISTmas everyone!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Same problem here Dave. Fortunately it’s an early morning.

Bring on the Inspector Outlet tools! (and troll mix!)

Looks like I’ll be missing another one…

work all day…

then Star Wars

then pickup family at the airport for the holidays!

Good luck to all!

I’m not familiar with this?
What is the on-line Christmas party?

nick will post different items like

the first 10 to respond receive 20 copies of XYZ Book

You respond with a post of:
(Sometimes Shirt Size)

if you do not want the item then simply do not respond, or if you want to participate in the posting then reply with - PASS.

Nick gives out Educational books, Vendor gifts, Tools, Shirts, Hats

You forgot you name and city. I win
David O’Keefe
Delmar, ny

Wohooo good luck to all. I hope there is a life time membership up this year :slight_smile: Resistance is futile :slight_smile:

Thanks to the most generous guy I know :slight_smile: NICK G.
Thanks for another guaranteed great event.

We will be giving away one free online infrared class (16 hrs) - $390 value.

Reminder… we have two on-location infrared class coming up in Boulder and
south Florida in the month of Feb. Check out our web page for details.

Merry Christmas

Awesome, I took the class and found it very informational. That is funny I just talked to a young man I am mentoring today about the South Florida event. I recommend the course to anyone even thinking about offering such a quality ancillary service.


I am pretty sure I know the answer already but are there any small inexpensiveve cameras or Phone Add ons that are worth anything for just giving a little advantage and insite. I realize they are no where near what is needed for a Real Thermal Inspection but is there any inexpensive units that would simply just show a view of the area with surface temps indicated? " I am guessing there must be some stuff that is accurate to withen 5 degrees or so but really do not know. Something that for instance would show a picture of a front door and a fairly accurate temp reading around the perimeter of it in a format like jpegs or easy to use in documents?

:)Looking forward to the 16th

Stopped at costco and walmart last couple days… loaded up on supplies for the Troll Mix. :wink:

Woohoo :slight_smile: Fatten up the Competition :slight_smile:

They will be too busy being happy and munching you’ll get all the work :slight_smile:

If life was only that easy…All the time.