Bill Mullen wants to talk

I was asked to post this . I have no comments .

I have set up a BLOG specifically for those who want to discuss the National Certification Program. This is done by me personally and does not represent the views of any organization, it is not endorsed or sponsored by any association. It is merely for inspectors across Canada to discuss the merits of this program and ask questions.

It is open to all, including parties who do not necessarily agree with me. All I ask is that people use their manners.
I will not engage in any debates, but I will gladly respond to any respectfully posed questions. Hopefully, some of the questions will let me create a full Q & A list that will help everyone.

This BLOG allows inspectors to have a give-and-take without clogging this Forum or any other outlet. Put the URL below in your browser.

Bill Mullen

There are now 5 discussion boards up and running. No one on the CAHPI forum, the OAHI Cafe, the Nachi forum, and the CHI forum and now the Blog and there is not an overwhelming interest, except for few. Does this indicate an overall lack of interest? Does lack of interest indicate many do not care and don’t want to care, or does it mean no one is going to rush out to become certified?

I saw the above post on the OAHI Cafe. There hasn’t been an overwhelming interest on that forum about certification. What does that tell ya?

Raymond Wand
Alton, ON


Already done.  Check out  [](  Instead of hiding behind a "blog" that is totally controlled by Mr. Mullen, I would suggest that he step forward and openly communicate with Canadian Inspectors.  This Canadian friendly bb was created for all Canadian Home Inspectors with bias towards no one.

It is open and free to all.  Everyone is afforded the opportunity to post without fear of reprisal, being fined by OAHI or ostersized.  Use of your real name is encouraged but not necessary, thus allowing you to speak without fear.  But the bb was meant for much more than this.  Share your experiences and wisdom on various subjects and methods with others.   

I strongly encourage all those involved/concerned with the OAHI National Initiative to step forward and utilize this Canadian Industry Leading bb.  Don't hide behind a "blog"!

I went to the CAHPI website and this is what I got. ( or
** “Account for domain has been suspended” **

****Raymond Wand
Alton, ON

My reply to Bills Blog
A Happy NACHI member.
I also see that go there and get this

Account for domain has been suspended

I wonder why Bill is doing this .
There already is a open to all board that has been used by many who have questions .
I just feel this is just another way for Mr. Mullen to intimadate people . He has not been honest and forth comming with information in the past and I wonder why we should expect him to change at this time .
Roy Cooke sr.

Yea I ran into that last night, What do you think is going on? If they do not pay for their domian name it will become unregistared and someone will claim it.
Can’t pay their bills or are they so disorganized they missed paying the invoice?

Could be a technical glitch. I checked the domain names and it says they (Cahi/CAHPI) are still registered. Fwiw.

Raymond Wand
Alton, ON

I posted the following on the mullem blog.

What are the standards and where are they posted. CAPHI does not allow nonmembers on their site. Since you say that this site is open to all to discuss a national certification standard it is neccessary for the standard to be published in full otherwise any comments or questions are smoke in the dark.
Where can this standard published?

BM’s reply to RC tells me that BM reacts to challange by becoming very agrassive a sign of insecurity. Ask any phyco they’ll tell you so.

How many times are we suppose to post the same questions about CHIBO, Certification, et ceteras? I have asked the questions on all the sites. They are not talking about the National on OAHI CAFE, nor CAHPI.

Now one OAHI member wants to block out posters he does not like on the Blog site. Why aren’t these people speaking on their own member forums?

Still no answer from the London Free Press regarding erroneous statements. I would ask that on the Blog, but I know what the answer will be. :frowning:

And the beat goes on…

Raymond Wand
Alton, ON

I’m not sure but I think you have 45 days to pay before the name is released to whomever wants to registar it.
An aquentance bought a lasped name from one of his competors and he was throughly enjoying the frustration of his competor.

A couple of years ago OAHI shut its website down during a weekend National Conference. It was done because the President felt that more members should have attended the conference. I think the thinking at the time was that those that did not attend would be punished by not receiving referrals from the public who needed a home inspection that particular weekend.

The sad part was that some members pay an additional fee to be listed in more than one service area. So for that weekend OAHI said screw everybody we will show them. They never did officially appologize to the membership, just the typical excuses.

Raymond Wand
Alton, ON

I just visited Bill’s blog and he has not answered my first question asked yesterday so I posted the following.

What is the process for evaluating the education and experience of inspectors that have come to this business other then the carson dunlap route?
How much is this evalution going to cost?

To explain the method in my madness I am simply asking Bill a simple couple of questions to see if he will answer. He has ignored the first question.
He does not know me and I dought he has ever heard of me so he should be addressing my questions if he is sincere as indicated in Roy Cooke’s first posting.

We shall see as I will be posting any responce from him to here.

Is this not adding yet more "grist to the mill? Where and how can this lack of co-operation and information be used to derail this whole very flawed national initiative?

Surely there must be someone who can see that this initiative has gone off the rails. This being an election year, can we not get a little attention from some prospective M.P.'s?

George ( my real name)

As I understand it … the finance minister has to sign off on all budgeted items. Whether or not this has happened prior to the election is difficult to ascertain. Ift he financing of this project has not been signed off then a new government may axe the financing. That is what I have been told by my local MP.

Raymond Wand
Alton, ON

Bill Mullen asked for his web site to be advertised so all could get answers to the Canadian National Certification. I put this on the NACHI BB hoping that this could be improve things with CAHPI and the rest of the Canadian inspectors .
Looks like others where correct that it was not needed and would not give the info we all wished for . I have posted Simple questions twice and got a typical ( I am not going to tell you answer ) I feel that most on The CAHPI Committee are OAHI Directors . Past and Present actions show they did not a still do not Follow the OAHI Bylaws.
In one of Bills answer to another persons question he continues to show his utter distain for NACHI.
Bill Mullen is the person who twice ( Or more ) has offered to to stop throwing insults at NACHI and has both times broke his word in a few hours.
I feel that there is no way for this to succeed for Canadians when we have OAHI/CAHPI directors who wish to Dictate the direction and not even give out Proper information. Bill states this has been ongoing for many years and they say that 60 replies to an instant survey is not enough. They continue to try and inflate their numbers by counting students ( Who are not Qualified to inspect ) and they admit 90% will never be inspectors .OAHI has about 200 RHIs and the rest of Canada Has about the Same . Why should 400 have control of ( CAHPI SAYS ) 5,000 with absolutely no impute from the other 4,600.
Roy Cooke sr … R.H.I…CHI
A Happy NACHI Member

It’s all about numbers. Insufficent numbers equals no certification, no interest. It’s that simple.

Perhaps the best thing to do is to boycott the certification process.
In Ontario those who are members of OAHI and are RHI trump the National Certification.

There is no specific legislation granting CAHPI anything. They (CAHPI) set the rules as directed by the make up of provincial members. No accountability means your are irrelevent. Appointees report to their respective bodies who placed them in the positions they hold. Not in my opinion the best way to set up a so called self regulating certification body.

But what the hell do I know?

Raymond Wand
Alton, ON

I think Ray is correct Ignore CHIBO11 the National certification .
They have completly ignored all our requests for information.
Now Bill with our help has set up another Information BLOG.
Bill now has his CANUK list the CAPHI web site and The CAHPI /ONTARIO CAFE.
Surprise none of the RHIs seem to be bothered.
I expect they too will just ignore the whole thing .
If by Chance some RHIs do go for it there is absolutly that this will Fly.
Without all Independant Inspectors and The Canadian NACHI members .
CAHPI will look silly peading for us (Those who have been treated like second class inspectors ) to please come aboard .
No way CAHPI/Ontario in over ten years has done nothing for the average Inspector except take their money .
NACHI has done Much for all Inspectors In Canada in the last two years.
Roy sr

I’ve been on the blog and asked questions on two occasions. Bill answered them or referred me to CAPHI’s site for answers to one of my questions.
However Ray & Roy had to throw some barbs at Bill. At first Bill was polite. Then Bill threw some barbs back and the fight was on. It’s to bad the three of you insist on acting like 4 years olds. I agree with some of your points and disagree with others. In any event CHIBO’s goal of certifying 5000 inspectors by 2007 is untenable.
The only way they can assess 5000 applicants in that time frame is to reject them because a serious review will take much longer. ASET took Three months to review and certify me as an Applied Science Technologist (A.Sc.T.) in Atchitecural Technology.


Rather than address your concerns to the answers provided by Mr. Mullen here on this forum I suggest you post your further questions on the Blog where you can see and answer directly.

Sure is strange how Mr. Mullen picks obsecure discussion boards to get his message out.

Raymond Wand
Alton, ON

From Inspectors Journal:

Oh really! 6 months for 5,000 inspectors! Here we go again.

Raymond Wand
Alton, ON.