A former NACHI member

Information sent to me .
This is Bill Mullen a former NACHI member who seems to feel we are inferiour Inspectors .
Bill seems to run around in Circles.
He still comes to the NACHI site to see what is going on and makes posts about his association .
I wonder will there ever come a time in Canada when we all can get to gether to help our industry .

What’s ridiculous it that BM seems to think he’s an authority as to who is a good inspector.

I’m not a member of OAHI or NHICC and for him to suggest I’m not qualified is insulting to say the least.
I’ll go head to head with he or his cronies any day of the week!

To suggest that OAHI or NHICC are the definitive answer to home inspectors in Ontario is without merit…but hey, what do I know?

Maybe this is old news, but I see PHPIC cancelled their conference at the end of October in Kingston.
Apparently they couldn’t get enough vendors to sponsor.

This is just another effort by Bill and friends to get in bed with the realestate fraternity, just as they tried to use CREA to push for licencing on their behalf. After all Phpic has two CREA directors on their advisory board.


1/6/2012 12:58:41 PM
Realtors finally starting to ‘get it’ ???
Wayne Christopher and myself, who practice in the Sarnia/Lambton area, have been carrying on an interesting dialogue with Realtors on Facebook. For years we have both been trying to convince Realtors that it is in their better interest to make sure their clients hire only qualified inspectors. In our area, fewer than 25% of the ‘home inspectors’ have any accredited training, testing or experience. Most are ‘certified’ by that marketing outfit from the States called NACHI.

Finally, we seem to be making some headway. After Wayne and I mentioned once again how few local inspectors are actually qualified, the Realtors who have responded seem to understand. The President of the local Real Estate Board, Donna Mathewson, said clearly two days ago that “We also have to remember that the courts are holding Realtors responsible for the inspectors they refer. Make sure if you recommend an inspector, that they are qualified to do the job!”

Donna has also agreed to meet with Wayne and me along with the RE Board Executive Officer so we can help them determine who is okay and also how Realtors can perhaps word the offers properly.

She has already told me that in her mind, Realtors should be referring only RHI members of CAHPI Ontario or NHI inspectors with the NHICC.

I also have for a couple years told my clients that when they sell their own house, they have a right to insist that the inspector the buyer chooses has proper qualifications. I know of a couple who have taken my advice (and wording) and amended the conditional clause and inserted " …satisfactory home inspection performed by an NHICC National Home Inspector or a CAHPI-Ontario Registered Home Inspector. If the inspection is performed by a person without at least one of these credentials, the vendor is under no obligation to recognize or comply with the results."

Maybe all CAHPI Ontario members should try to become closer involved with their local Real Estate Boards.

Bill Mullen RHI; NHI; PHPI; ACI
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Happy New Year Roy!

That’s disturbing information.

RHI is not more qualified then InterNACHI. Of the eight CAHPI members in my area only 2 are RHI the rest are Associate Members. Those Associate Member may never meet the requirements to become an RHI or even want to. They all just say they are members of CAHPI.


Here in Alberta CAHPI Associate members have the EXACT same qualifications as an RHI except for 250 fee paid inspections. The CAHPI Associate designation requires multiple proctored exams, mock inspection, Carson-Dunlop courses and building code courses along with more proctored exams. Inspectors do not go for the RHI designation because it is easier or cheaper than CPI. There are threads on this board where many InterNACHI members are strongly against even meeting the lower standards of education that are supposidly required to obtain the CPI designation!

Having been a member of OAHI CAHPI/Ontario 1999 and being on their DPPC I saw that being an RHI does not mean they do a good Inspection.
For CAHPI to brag is sad .
They are no better then any other group some great Inspectors and some not so great .
I did an Inspection two months after one of their hot shot 20+ year Inspectors,the home Owner gave me his Inspection report and told me the Inspector was only there for 20 minutes.
When I got Home and saw what he had missed I was Hurt to think we have inspectors doing this to the public.
I know many of the CAHPI directors and have seen for years how their attitude does little to help our industry .
If a person does a search you can find many of their post’s on the NACHI site .
NACHI is open to all and CAHPI site are closed to all, That tells just how the Directors of CAHPI are very very afraid of NACHI and will try to destroy NACHI and the NACHI members .

Roy Cooke Retired RHI…CMI

Bill Mullen has always been Bill Mullen for as long as I can remember (over 10 years).
Nick seems to like the guy…

I still hold to my original opinion of him.

WE are not alone many Know what Bill and his group have tried to do to our industry , Not Good He is smoooooth and can not be trusted .Thanks Joe

CAHPI Atlantic - Associate Member
A member who is a practicing home inspector that is actively working toward completing all of the eligibility requirements for REGISTERED membership. Qualifying requirements that he or she:
is actively working towards Registered membership by working towards the completion of 250 fee-paid inspections in accordance with the Standards of Practice;
has successfully completed the certification exam prescribed by the Certification Board;
is able to provide written reports, completed under the guidance of a Registered Member, which must be verified as having met specific quality standards; and
satisfies any other qualification criteria determined from time to time by the Certification Board for such classification.

InterNACHI VS CAHPI-Atlantic…no comparison IMHO.


MUCH different here in Alberta. Your description would not be granted Associate status and instead be classified as a student member. InterNACHI does not appear to enforce any of it’s educational requirements so we will have agree to disagree.

Sad that our industry can not seem to present a united front and standardization across the country.

“National Certification” does that.


I am not agreeing or disagreeing with any side. But it appears that when people (myself included) get offended by something, the first thing to do is to defend your position. Would it not be prudent to step back, look at what is being said and see if there is any justification?

From the statement in post one it appears someone has the ears for a powerful group. If you go in whining, crying and slinging snot then it appears he was right. Have you thought of the sending something pointing out NACHI attributes and it’s desire to selflessly provide education at a cost almost anyone can afford and other obvious benefits?

Counter bashing, seems counter productive…


Sales Representative

I wonder could BM’s comments could be construed as a “Restriction of
Trade” thus inviting legal repercussion?

.Hmmmmmmm … Roy

Don’t think so…just marketing, thats it IMHO

I find this comment by Bill troubling too:
*Donna has also agreed to meet with Wayne and me along with the RE Board Executive Officer so we can help them determine who is okay and also how Realtors can perhaps word the offers properly.

*Who are Wayne and Bill to be recommending or auditing qualifications on behalf of realtors/agents? They are only representing themselves and thats a conflict.

What has Bill been up to these days? Is he still a serial inspection association launcher? Roy is correct, I like Bill. But he always seemed to hold a grudge against InterNACHI for being so successful and for being the largest in Canada.

Jim Bushart described it best in July of 2011:

I’ve always tried to help the other Canadian associations (which have all either gone under or are close to it) by explaining that aren’t enough inspectors in the world who are stupid enough to be ripped-off, year after year after year to keep a shell association going. A successful inspection association must work to earn member dues by developing and providing its members with education, training, business success tools, membership benefits, marketing, and yes… entertainment. It takes a bit more work than just sending out renewal invoices like diploma mill ASHI does. Like I said… there just aren’t enough stupid inspectors in the world for the diploma mill ASHI model to survive.

Yes** Nick** and we plan not to fall into the same trap as many other organizations in Ontario. Our MB will not be moderated by a select few, there will be new ones and old to make sure we do not have anything bringing down our members or your InterNachi org. We also will have all finances open for viewing so no money is hidden from the members. We will have strict rules and SOP Recognized fully by the government of Ontario. All the training we do will be in line with what you have put in place in Alberta.
We want to thank you as a small group for what you have done for us so far and look forward to inviting you to Ontario when we are rolling along with no problems.

Don’t get too bogged down with procedures. Just keep your members’ needs at heart. Always be looking for ways to help them and they will come to know that you are on their team, working for their success.

Well said Nick,

The best way to attract real estate interest and respect is to let them discover how good NACHI is to all.
Thank you for keeping a good North American Eagle “bird’s eye view”.
Beauchemin,Marc-Andre - CMI
BMAinspection from Brossard Quebec