in todays newpaper

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Looks like the bad guys have gotten to the local media, first.

Lets all fire off letters to the editor


I have sent a letter to the editors of every major newspaper across the state. As far as I know none of them have been posted it.

The Florida Today called me to confirm that I wrote the letter, I thought for sure they were going to post it. If they did I have not seen it.

Well, I don’t think licensing will help a home inspector that can’t find a defect find the defect.

Can you imagine a state senator whining that he didn’t have much recourse? Whatta jerk. Senator Wise isn’t very.

This is the same reason we cannot inspect sepitc tanks in Florida (not that I want to). Someone in the legislature has a home inspection that included the tank and drain field. Six months after she moved in the drain field went bad and WHAM, now we have legistation only allowing plumbing and septic companies to conduct these inspections.