BIN Primer Sealer

At today’s inspection, painter was priming the basement with a BIN primer to seal odours. Oil furnace was on and off during the inspection and my portable CO alarm went off when in basement.
Painter commented that the paint was most likely the cause. Anyone ever heard of BIN paint activating CO Alarms?

Don’t know, but was it the shellac based primer?

Yes it was. I did some research on it and it appears that it could set off a CO Alarm if there is not enough ventilation.
Bet you the painter was feeling no pain…

The smell was phosgene gas from painting fumes being burned by the furnace.
How people are exposed to phosgene
· People’s risk for exposure depends on how close they are to the place where the phosgene was released.
· If phosgene gas is released into the air, people may be exposed through skin contact or eye contact. They may also be exposed by breathing air that contains phosgene.
· Adaquite ventalation is needed.

“painter was priming the basement with a BIN primer to seal odors”. Bigger question: what odors where they trying to cover up?

The house was a succession sale, wood paneling and carpet in basement and it was just smelly and old…
The purchaser was doing the painting, not the vendor.