Black wires on neutral bar

I found two black wires on the neutral bar today. It looks like someone wrapped black tape around the wire. I tried to follow the wire but got lost in all the spaghetti in the panel. Would this be written up the same as if I saw two white conductors on the breakers? Two misidentified wires?

I would mentions it and a couple other things I see in that picture.

The triple tap concerns me more than wire colors…

Just me.

Not just you ,
A double tap on neutral can cause big expense if some one decided to disconnect a wire .
It can cause a shock leading to some one hurt or increased voltage in one of the circuits leading to burned out equipment.

recommend that a licensed electrician should inspect it

Just pulling your chain a bit…
Why not make the recommendation to have the licensed electrician make the repairs to deficiencies the home inspector found? Wasn’t the home inspector hired to find those deficiencies in the first place?

If the conductors are bare and simply taped then they’re probably just EGC’s. I like the NM squeeze connector on the inside of the panel on the right.

I didn’t see bonding either for a service panel. Neutral/grounds under the same connection on the bar.

Thanks for all your input guys. I reported on the mis-identified neutral wires along with incomplete legend, pointed screws. I also was not able to confirm bonding of panel. 100 amp and filled panel was also in my report. I had not seen black coated wires before on the neutral bar. All this was reported and recommended a qualified electrical contractor repair what was found and also consult with the buyers on possible upgrading the panel and also to further inspect the panel for items that I was not able to confirm.

Out of curiosity, what’s the deficiency with a 100 amp filled panel?

Not necessarily a defect. I pointed out that the current 100 amp panel may not be enough for their needs. That they may want to concider having someone look at upgrading the system. There were enough electrical issues in the panel and in the home that an electrician was comming in so while he is there have him give quote and/or professional opinion if the system is adequate for their needs.