pole on double tapped neutrals

Well happened again today, realtor calls says the electrcian is mad saying the HI doesnt know what he is doing and a “real electrician should be hired to look over my shoulder at inspections” So I call this jerk. What I had found was corroded ground wires and double tapped neutrals on the buss bars in this sub box. After a long disscusion of electricity and the fact he would not sign off on the box he fixed those two situations collected his 300 dollars and drove off. This double tapping of the neutrals is a big prob. so many guys do it and I always look stupid writing it up. I wonder how many other times I was trashed for writing it up and never heard about it. Do you guys always write it up ?


I always write up anything I don’t understand. When I see a triple tap neutral with 5 or 6 vacant spots on the neutral bar I don’t understand WHY. One thing I know for sure is that the more wires you put in one spot, the more likely a loose connection will occur with expansion and contraction due to temperature differences. If they wanted all the wires on one connector, they would only have one connector.

If you think you should make a note for your client, who is paying you for your observations. DO IT.


I find it amazing that he would not sign off on the box, but yet he expects you to.

This may help. . .

thanks for the info guys I will continue to write it up as a upgrade as per 2002 nec guidlines, that should keep everyone in line

Double tapped neutrals are rarely seen here, because our electrical inspectors (AHJs) don’t allow them! :cool:

John Kogel

I always identify double tapped neutrals as a safety issue, no matter when the house was built because it is the right thing to do and because in most cases it is an easy fix.

Yep. (courtesy of another NACHI member on this board.)



that is the picture I picture in my head everytime I see double taps. Do you guys know a link for free content access to the NEC been looking all morn thanks, everyone wants you to buy something


Try this link to NEC on-line.


thanks jim,

I logged on for free, they give you a full day