Bleach and Glass

Has anyone ever heard of bleach clouding glass? My husband was pressure cleaning a house and the homeowner is now claiming that bleach got on his SUV front window and it is now permanently clouded. This sounds dumb to me but I learn something new every day. This bleach is for commercial cleaning and was being mixed with water by the pressure washer and he was cleaning wood siding under very low pressure. If any bleach got on this vehicle it would have been a mist in the air …not even over spray. I have a very old bleach bottle from the 50’s that was made of glass. The other thing is that there is directions on the bottle (Clorox) for cleaning siding…and how could you do that without hitting glass windows. We have been doing this for years. I think this is all a bunch of horse do do. Any one got any thoughts on this? Thanks for your help.
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The onus is not on you to prove your innocence, the proof is on the complainant (homeowner) that your husband is at fault.

Dana having worked with glass for years as an artist I have never heard of it as good or bad for glass, however if it did spray on the SUV I would think if anything the paint, and rubber gasket which holds the glass would be more likley to suffer damage.
No this sounds fishy to me but then again you are on the wrong forum.
Search the internet and see if you can find anything.

Hi Dana,
Haven’t heard of bleach causing this type of problem before. However, could it be possible that preservatives, chemicals on/in the siding or tree pollens could have caused this problem. Usually, if this occurs on glass, one would presume it would happen to the paint of the vehical as well.
Only an observation.

I can state that bleach (sodium hypochlorate solution in water) cannot cloud standard automobile glass. Done a lot of chemistry, and it’s just not there.

Agree with the previous post. Have the other side provide proof that this is even possible, then go to a locak college and have a sit down with a chemistry professor.

Can you say “Expert Witness”.

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Also hope that your lawyer counter sues this jerk for a lot of money :mrgreen:

Dana …here you go as MR Wizard says bleach is great for cleaning glass so I recommend you charge your neighbor for the free wash.


Many commercial and over the counter cleaners/products come with MSDS literature or this can be obtained from the manufacture. I’d read this data or contact them for further information about their product and the alleged affects on the glass in question.

Here is a link to search if you don’t have the sheets handy

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Is it possible the cloudy discoloration was caused by particulate matter being washed off the siding? Maybe some sort of old Thompsons water seal or something similar. Just a thought…

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Bleach can cause problems with window coatings such as Rain-X. Is it possible the SUV windows had an external coating such as Rain-X or other product on it?

Thanks guys! I really appreciate the help. I am thinking it was wax on the glass that clouded (or rain-x) if in fact he caused it. Again thanks!

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