tinted windows and cracks

Have been tinting the windows in my house over the last year. This morning I did one that had a crack in one of the double panes about 2 inches long from the upper corner. It was old and not growing. I tinted that window this morning while the sun was off it. But in the late afternoon it gets full sun and you guessed it, the crack grew. All the way to the diagonal corner. Apparently the tinting plus the installation fluid and the glass don’t expand at the same rate and bam, cracked glass. Its a 1994 Vinyl window. How do I replace that section of glass?


But I would call a glass expert!

I see how to get the glass out of the frame now since I last wrote, but replacing just the one side will be impossible without the right sealing means. I have another window in my office that fogs up some when the weather is cold. Guess I’ll be doing both of these. Thanks for the info.