bleach dispenser?

Hey guys

Does anyone have any information on this setup. It looked like some sort of bleach dispenser. I googled it but I did not get what I was looking for.

appears to be
or similar
there’s a well, correct?

appears to be a private well chlorination system

Looks like part of a water purification system .…0.0…1c.1.wWoK3Sl_uPE

Typically used to oxidize water contaminants whereas they can be mechnically filtered

Chemical injector system used to dispense a metered amount of chlorine (typically) into the water.

Thanks guys. I think this one had bleach in it. Is that normal? I dont inspect or report on water filtering systems but I am just curious.

Chlorine and bleach are pretty much the same thing to a certain extent. It was probably chlorine solution.

Ahhh ok. Thanks man. There was bottles of bleach everywhere.

Do you guys also disclaim these systems?

I would simply because it is extremely rare to see them. Most people wouldnt know how to use it and how to properly test thier water, myself included.

I would advised them to consider having an actual water test done without the clorox if its on a well, or consult with the seller as to how the system works and why its there.

Yeah in VA its a law that the sellers have to pay for a well and septic inspection so I just tell them to make sure they see the results of that inspection.

Very common, at least, around here.

It’s all automatic. That’s a chemical feed pump on top of the tank. It activates when pump kicks on, usually.

Unless they ordered specific water tests, there’s not a whole lot you can do, as far as water treatement, during a “visual” home inspection. So yes you should state that you do not test the effectiveness of any treatment system. I use something like this:
Examination of (water softeners/treatment/chlorine/pond/) systems is not included in this visual inspection. The water softener/filtration system was inspected for obvious leaks and that it was plugged in and turned on and that the water valves were in the proper position. No inspection was made to determine the operation of the unit nor its effectiveness. As needed, have water quality checked for purity by the local health authorities or contact a qualified water treatment company, preferably before closing.
I do note smells, stains, etc. when testing the plumbing/water. FYI, a good place to look is in the back of toilet tank to sometimes get an good indication of water quality.

This is a chemical metering pump mounted to a chemical tank. Typically used to add a pre-determined amount of bleach (sodium hypochlorite) to the water system. Typical drinking water contains 1-4 ppm of added sodium hypochlorite.
DP Disinfection / Kent Paden

Chemical feed pump.
Other use is for soda ash solution for water treatment.

Are you sure it was chlorine in the tank?
I can see the top of a bleach bottle at bottom of pict., but that does not mean it used in treatment.