Have you seen set ups like this

Saw this at an inspection. I’m wondering if many of you have seen similar set ups like this. What is the canister at the top right of the picture? Filter?

P3220043 (Small).JPG

I beleive it is a clorine dispensor

I think so too…dispenses chlorine or bleach or whatever into the toilet bowl upon flush.

Turbo flusher for the biguns?!?!:wink:

now, i know toilets. in fact that’s an Amarican standard 1.6 gal flush with 2 bipedal turbo osilating gravitational inverters, a phase 5 syphoning combobulator and 1 white “thingy”. just a guess.:mrgreen: Maybe a pressure regulator?

i googled it. it’s for a bleach tablet…not what i said.

Interesting. I don’t think I would install one of these especially on a septic system.

Someone did a test for bacteria on toilet bowls and I think they found toilets to be relatively clean as opposed to toothbrushes in the same room due to air borne water vapour from flusing that enters the air.

Maybe I saw that on Myth Busters? Hmmm, and no I don’t brush my teeth with toilet water. :slight_smile: