Blower door testing license

With the new requirements for building new homes, I am going to do blower door testing. It appears that some counties in Virginia are allowing just your home inspector license and adequate training to suffice for preforming the test, and some are in need of both Home Inspector and BPI/ RESNET license.

Can anyone offer any more input. And if another license is needed, what is the better organization to go with.


You answered your own question.
Call your local authority. Why would we know the requirement of every locality?

Did you read about each training program?
Or do you want us to read it for you?

Your question has no specific question. Don’t mean to jump on you, but …
Recommend you do your due diligence and ask something more specific we can answer.

It is a certification, not a license.

I see you just joined here a few hours ago.
If you have not been inspecting before this, I recommend you focus on Home Inspection before you get involved in a total different occupation.

I am certified through BPI and I assure you that it is not a walk in the park ancillary service like mold or radon testing. You are not inspecting, your diagnosing. You have all kinds of test equipment (aside from a blower door) to do this. Air Pressure testing, gas leak testing, CO Testing, Thermal Imaging testing, etc. If you so much as caulk a window leak, you have to test all the above stuff before the job is complete.