Mold License For FL Home Inspector??? (I know, beating a dead horse)

I’ve done a lot of research on this and keep finding conflicting information. I own a company that does Building Performance Evaluations, and am currently going through Home Inspector Pre-Licensing training (120 Hour) here in Florida. The whole point of doing this was not only to vastly improve my knowledge to help me perform performance evals better, but also to add a great deal more of services including home inspections, wind mitigation inspections, air quality testing, radon, lead, and mold. SOOOOOO…

  1. Do I need a mold assessors license to test for mold in FL once I become a licensed home inspector?

  2. Also, on a side note…I found some conflicting information about this as well. Do I need a license to perform air quality testing in FL?

Thanks everyone before hand! I know there’s a lot of threads on this but many seem to be up in the air without any sort of agreement on the issue.

If you intend to hold yourself out to the public as providing those services…yes to both.

You trying to start a new thread on ‘the issue’ is not needed. Read up on what has transpired over the past 2 yrs.

If you are not even HI lic’d, you are walking a very, very long one way gang plank over shark infested waters to even think about mold licensing.

Here’s a good suggestion: while you are way out on that narrow 1 x 10 dodging cannonballs and musket fire, start diversifying even more by offering to do WDO inspections.

It’s simple really,

-You may, during the course of a home inspection take samples of up to 10 square feet of Mold. Get trained and you better know what your doing.
-You may NOT do stand alone mold inspections.
-If during the home inspection, the Mold problem appears to be far greater than 10 square feet or it is clearly a building wide issue, you must recommend the problem be evaluated by a licensed Mold assessor or remediator. (Just as you may recommend a structural engineer for a significant structural issue).

Be smart and develope a relationship with a Mold Assessor or Mold Remediation firm that does not do stand alone home inspections. It can be very benificial relationship.

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